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Best Hip-Hop Headphones 2016

The 2016 Best Hip Hop Headphones Under $200

Hip-Hop Headphones


And Read Our Article On Hip Hop Headphones

Hip Hop Headphones

By Aaron Bendich

What To Look For In Hip-Hop Headphones

When considering which headphones to purchase, there are a plethora of specifications to consider. Every headphone user is looking for something different, and a major facet in the search for the right pair should be their intended use. While some users may intend to use their new headphones for a broad array of musical genres or other audio needs, many have their personal genre of choice that they will use them on. Different genres sound better on different headphones, and different headphones fit the style of different genres. If you are a hip-hop lover or are buying headphones for one, here are some things to consider.

Audio Specifications For Hip-Hop Headphones

If you ask just about any hip-hop headphone enthusiast  what is most important in a pair of headphones, they are most likely to say bass. Hip hop is generally driven by a loud and heavy beat. For this to come through as intended, the bass must come through loud and clear. To achieve this a pair of headphones must have a number of technical features and qualities. The equalization must be skewed toward the bass end of the range, emphasizing the drum beats in the lowest frequencies. Furthermore, the headphones should ideally extend their frequency range to 20 Hz or lower, allowing for the fullest possible response. One important thing to keep in mind is that in general bigger headphones have better bass response. Certainly there are some small earphones that are designed specifically for bass, but that is the exception to the rule. That is why most popular hip-hop headphones are over or on ear models. Many hip-hop headphones boast built in ‘bass-boost’ technology; this term simply refers to a particularly bass-skewed eq boost. Bass-boost runs the risk of distorting the overall sound of a recording, though to many hip-hop lovers, it is well worth it.

Design Specifications Of Hip-Hop Headphones

Hip-Hop headphones also demand a number of design and construction related qualities to appeal to the user. One underlying and universal need that headphones in general require is comfort. Headphone comfort is determined by several factors. For over and on ear headphones, cushion material, shape and size make a big difference for overall ear comfort. The adjustable headband size range and build quality also determine head and ear comfort. A padded headband can also make a big difference for scalp comfort.
To many hip-hop headphone users, comfort and even sound quality are trumped by style and appearance. For this reason, more expensive celebrity endorsed or affiliated headphones that may lack finer audio specifications are rampantly popular. Some products have vibrant color schemes and ornate designs, while others go for a toned down, minimalist but elegant look. Many of these options prominently emphasize the brand name or logo, most often on the cup but occasionally on the band. Lastly, in addition to aesthetic appeal, headphone style also takes into account apparent build quality. An ornate and attractive pair of headphones that appears to be cheaply made is less stylish than one that is impressively built. These factors all play into the visual appeal of hip-hop headphones.


Best Hip-Hop Headphones

Best Hip-Hop Headphones – Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus

bdc1 Check them out here
Beyerdynamic is a premier brand in the audiophile headphone market. Having been on the market for over 90 years, it is a well established company with impressive build and audio quality. This particular pair is highly customizable, from the external appearance-related components, to the audio components to the bass levels. A pair of these headphones comes with 16 alternative faceplates for optimal stylistic personalization. The Custom One Pro Plus’s big draw is its bass-level switches which provide four different options, from hardly any audible bass, to impressively loud. These headphones also feature an in-line microphone and remote, which is useful for listening on the go. They are also very comfortable with good quality cushioning and a well built adjustable band. As far as looks are concerned, the changeable faceplate makes for an appealing look, while the overall build looks professional and evokes a sort of technical bend. The sound level switches make this pair great for hip hop fans, since they allow for a dynamic and adaptable bass experience with the option to lower the level if it is too much.


Best Hip-Hop Headphones – Beats Solo 2.0

MHNG2-zoom-thrqtrrght-b Check them out here
For the last decade, Beats have been the industry leaders in branded hip-hop headphones. Their association with rapper, producer and entrepreneur, Dr. Dre gives them a name and celebrity appeal. They are known for their intense bass response, their distinctive look and their omnipresence, particularly among youth in urban settings. On the other hand, Beats have long been criticized for their overdone bass response, which many think bleeds into other parts of the frequency spectrum. This is where the recent Beats Solo 2 have tried to diverge from the previous products in the Beats line. These headphones keep up the boosted, high quality bass response, but they manage to not overdo it too much. They are considered the best sounding Beats to date. As far as style is concerned, the Solo 2’s are well-liked for their sleek build, something of an improvement from the chunkier older models. Keep in mind, these are on-ear and therefore not particularly suitable for comfort during long listening sessions. All in all, the Beats Solo 2.0 are a stylish improvement on an already established product. If you’ve always liked the look of Beats but were skeptical of the sound quality, these may be the Beats model for you.

Best Hip-Hop Headphones – Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Check them out here
Audio Technica has been in the audio business for more than 50 years, and they are one of the most popular and affordable manufacturers of high fidelity headphones. The M50x’s are one of their most popular offerings, considered the best sounding headphones under $200. Unlike popular hip-hop offerings like Beats, m50s provides monitor-quality accurate reproduction across the spectrum. This means no bass-boost, but also no bass leakage into other frequencies. This is ideal for hip-hop fans who are looking for a balanced sound with clear highs, mids and lows. On these headphones the bass blasts, vocals and musical samples all sound great. The ear pads are very comfortable, and the band has a nice, leather covered cushion. The cable is removable, and the headphones come with a long and short option as well as a curly one. These headphones are quite attractive and come in a small selection of colors. When you see someone in a pair of Audio-Technicas, you know they take music listening seriously.

Best Hip-Hop Headphones – Pioneer HDJ-1500

hdj-1500-K Check them out here
Pioneer is a popular, long running manufacturer of audio and visual equipment. They are well known for their high quality DJ gear, and the HDJ-1500s are notable entry in this field. These headphones sport an unusual oval shaped band a shiny professional looking overall build. They come in three colors. Like the ATH-M50x, they reproduce sound as it was recorded, without flashy or overdone bass. However, they feature an extended range down to 5Hz, and therefore produce an abnormally robust bass response. Their biggest success is the lack of distortion, even with the loudest and bassiest audio imaginable. These headphones are great for DJing hip-hop in both audio quality and style. For day-to-day use, they are ideal for the listener who wants accurate bassy sound and likes the DJ headphone style.

Best Hip-Hop Headphones – Ultrasone HFI 580

hfi580Check them out here
Ultrasone is a German company that only produces headphones. Their headphones emphasize their “S Logic Natural Surround Sound”, which is basically an advanced stereo setup. The 580s have big comfortable cushions, and a shiny, metallic exterior. With its clear and wide frequency range, these headphones are a good choice for critical listening. Their real strength, however, is the low range. These headphones have excellent bass response making them very suitable for the audiophile hip-hop lover.




It is important to remember what you are looking for in a headphone, before you go shopping for a pair. Although, bass boasting headphones are great for consumers, they are not so good for recording engineers. Boosting a signal on any level creates an imbalance in your mix, so we would not recommend these headphones for mixing or mastering of tracks. While some of these models work well in a recording environment, they will not be the best option available. But, when you are listening to that song from the club, we know you wanna crank that Bass.


Video Review- Audio-Technica ATH WS1100iS Best Bass Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS Hi-Res Over-Ear Headphones

Watch our video review for the Audio-Technica ATH WS1100iS Best Bass Headphones

Pablo, the host of our Spanish YouTube channel, tests and reviews these bass boosting headphones(in English).

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS, feature an ultra-powerful magnetic circuit that works to deliver highly accurate audio with a wide frequency response, while the large diaphragm surface area of the drivers causes considerable air movement, helping to produce a rich, textured bass sound.


Best Workout Headphones: Top 5 Under $150 for 2016

Best workout Headphones

Best Workout Headphones: Top 5 Sports and Fitness Headphones Under $150 for 2016

By Sade Spence

It’s that time of year again when we can shed the layers of wool coats and duck-feather stuffed parkas we’ve been sporting for the last three months and let the sun hit our skin. In other words, it’s time to list beach body on the top of our (or at least my) to do list. That being said, I’d at least like to do so with smooth audio to keep me going from exercise A to exercise B. Assuming that you’d like to do so as well, here is a list of the top 5 best sports headphones /Best Workout Headphones. Headphone reviews, news and buying guides. under $150 to keep your workout productive and full of awesome audio.

Sennheiser PMX 686i – Buy Now
best workout headphones

This sportphone consists of an in-ear frame with an over-ear loop and back-of-head design. The PMX 686i ear buds are angled to retain ambient noise and situational awareness.The headband is durable and fits securely around the back of the head, which subsequently secures the earphones in your ears. Some users have complained if you have a “big” head the headband and ear buds aren’t very comfortable and fit too tight. The cable features an in-line mic and controller which is also very lightweight and tangle-free. The cable is made of aramid heat resistant fibers. The buttons on the controller are too close together for me which makes adjusting music and volume a little more tedious than it should be. These headphones reach a frequency range between 18 – 20,000 Hertz and an impedance of 30 ohms. True to a Sennheiser product, the audio sounds clean and thus ranking in our Best Workout Headphones list. The overall audio delivers great sound across the entire frequency range for an in-ear headphone. High pitched vocals and deep bass sound pretty good while I feel more emphasis is given to the mids which lend themselves well to treble claps, synthesizers, and vocals. Don’t be afraid to sweat, as these headphones boast an IPX water resistance grade 4. Buy now for only $109.95.

Westone ADV Adventure Alpha

best workout headphones

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, these fitness buds were designed with you in mind. These earbuds are extremely durable and built to last. Made of a magnesium body and an aluminum face plate the headphones feel lightweight. The actual earbud is detachable and made of a squishy yet sturdy foam tip that can conform to the shape of any ear – including those with tragus piercings such as myself. The cable is also detachable and comes with an iOS compatible in-line mic and controller.  The Alpha headphones are constructed with a light reflective cable, so they can be used at night. The entire body has a water resistant IPX grade of 3. Sound-wise, more emphasis is given to the bass which in turn takes away from the treble. I found myself turning up the volume to be able to hear the entire frequency range of 20 – 18,000 Hertz. Keeping that in mind, as the volume increases on those ear buds there is a loss of detail in treble. If you love bass these are a good choice. Bass heads these rank our Best Workout Headphones list for you.

MEE x7 Plus – Buy Now

best workout headphones

Wireless for the win! These earbuds, operating on Bluetooth 4.1, can provide music playback for up to 7.5 hours and 300 hours on standby. Yes, 300 hours!!! That alone is enough to land a spot on our Best Workout Headphones roster. But there are some other incredible features. Although the x-Sevens carry a somewhat bulky build, these wireless sport headphones are super lightweight and stay on the head pretty well. Using a behind-the-neck in-line mic and controller, the x-Sevens are an efficient way to enjoy audio while focusing on your workout. The wireless operation allows users to workout about 30 feet from their phone without losing connectivity. Using 6 mm drivers and operating on a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 hertz the x-Sevens provide great open sound. The treble is a bit distant, but the bass, mids, highs, and lows are all prevalent and sound pretty good. Buy MEE x7 Plus Now.

Audio Technica ATH-Sport 4 – Buy Now

best workout headphones

Also going for a wireless design, Audio Technica’s Sport 4 uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity to bring you stellar audio for an earbud. Full range audio from 20 to 20,000 hertz sound pretty good. Synthesizers, vocals, lows, mid, highs and bass sound great. Even some of the minute details in your music can be heard. The internal lithium polymer rechargeable battery, located in the left earbud, will keep you going for 4 hours of continuous use or 60 hours on standby. The ATH-Sport 4 uses flexible cables to take shape to your ears with an over the ear design. The cables features a universal mic and controller. This pair of sport earphones come with standard silicone ear tips for sound isolation as well as ridged ear tips to allow for ambient noise while exercising outdoors.The ATH-Sport 4 has an IPX of 5, so sweat all you want and wash them after with no problem. Buy ATH-Sport 4 Now.

Jaybirds x2 Wireless

best workout headphones

The Best Workout Headphones list would not be complete without the Jaybirds x2 which boast the same great audio and comfortable build it as its predecessor now retailing at a fraction of the cost. The x2s, now running for about 140 or so dollars, are designed with an ergonomic ear fin for a super secure fit. The cord connecting the two ear buds can be either looped over-the-ear or hang down in the front. Both options secure the buds behind the head. These buds come with sport ear fins and 3 pairs of silicone ear tips in addition to 3 pairs of sport foam ear tips. Running on Bluetooth connectivity the Jaybirds can be used for up to 8 hours of playback and thanks to Signal Plus technology your workout mix should be skip free.These headphones are wildly popular for their ability to deliver great audio across the entire spectrum. The 6 mm drivers deliver balanced and rich sound with detail and clarity from lows to highs.

Now go get the most out of your workout! Many of these models are in stock so remember when you spend over $99 you get  a free pair of Bluetooth speakers.

Sennheiser PMX 686i – Buy Now
Westone ADV Adventure Series Alpha – Buy Now
MEE x7 Plus – Buy Now
Audio Technica ATH-SPORT 4 – Buy Now

Check out our review video below:

Review: MEElectronics Matrix2 Wireless Headphones

Check out this review of the MEElectronics Matrix2. For just $89, receive full quality features of top wireless headphones, including 22 hour battery life, NFC pairing, and aptX codec! These are a serious bargain if you’re looking for an inexpensive, well performing wireless headphone.

New Sennheiser Momentum Review!

Check out this unboxing and in-depth review video Jana, our resident headphone reviewer did, of the newly released Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless headphones.



Jana goes heavily into detail about:

What makes the Momentum 2.0’s different from their predecessor, the original Momentum’s?

1) The 2.0’s are collapsible (without compromising any strength in design or durability.) This means a smaller footprint, which makes them great for portable use, especially because they work very well with smart devices and don’t require external power.

2) The ear cups are larger! There were many complaints about the original Momentum’s not being “true” over-ear headphones, since the cups were small. People noticed that the inner rim of the earcups would almost suffocate the outer rim of their ears. These earcups are significantly larger. Additionally, the ear pad material is also improved and allows for more comfortable longer listening.

3) Different case. It’s slightly less durable, but will still keep the Momentums safe from most accidents. The case included with the 2.0’s is a soft shell zipper case, unlike the rock hard case that came with the Momentum 1’s.

What ANC, NFC, and aptX are and how they affect the sound quality of your music? How wireless headphones work and what you’re missing out on

The word “wireless” is always a type of taboo word when used in the audiophile world. Essentially, with where technology of the present is, “wireless” audio is usually another word for “compressed.” Usually, wireless audio isn’t such a friendly word. Your smart device (or wherever the music source is originating from) is usually chopping up the audio file and then sending it to the wireless headphones.

Why these headphones are worth $500?

Essentially, these are one of those rare gems that fit into the all-in-one perfection category. They excel in so, so many categories that both average and above average consumers prioritize when searching for the “ideal headphone.” These are Jana’s desert island headphone.

They sound amazing, are aesthetically pleasing, made with durable materials, have an incredibly long warranty, and are exceptionally comfortable.

And much more…!


Audio46 Headphones : Top 5 Headphones Under $50


Top 5  Headphones Under $50

Times are tough! That’s why many people are looking to maximize their bang for the buck when it comes to personal audio. At Orb Headphones, we get it! You’re cheap! It’s ok! So are we! I still haven’t paid parking tickets I have from last year! Point is, if you’ve only got $50 to spend, you’re actual within budget for some prime headphones. Just because you cant swing a pair of Beats, or Bose, doesn’t mean you cant get a awesome pair of cans. Here are our top 5 headphones under $50!


#5) SOL Republic Jax In-Ear Headphones

Selected for their value and durability the JAX from Sol Republic come in #5 in our List of the Top 5 Headphones Under $50. For only $39.99 the SOL Republic JAX offer deep bass, a mic & remote, and a sleek stylish look.

Grab Yours Here For Only $39.99


Panasonic RP-HTX7

#4) Panasonic RP-HTx7 Retro Style Over-Ear Headphones

Offering a large 40mm driver and a beautiful piano finish, the Panasonic RP-HTX7 Headphones earned their spot in our Top 5 Headphones Under $50 not only for their style but for their value at only $34.99. Voted one of the best headphones of 2013 by Cnet.com the RP-HTX7 are a worth addition to any headphone collection.

Grab Your Here For Only $34.99




#3) Nu-Force NE-600x Sound Isolating Earphones

Nu-Force, makers of fine audio equipment ranging in price all the way up to the many thousands of dollars brings us a ultra-budget option for audiophile-style sound quality. With a clean bright and balanced sound these $25 headphones are great for people listening to genres occupying the higher frequency ranges.


Grab Your Here for Only $24.99



#2) Koss Porta Pro Classic


Rearguard by nerds, musicians and audiophiles for years as one of the best compact portable headphones, the Koss Porta Pro headphones earn the #2 spot in our Top 5 Headphones Under $50. With a cool really retro look these headphone will allow you to step back in time to a place where headphones were balanced and style wasn’t everything. At only $50 these headphones are a must have for anyone serious about music.

Grab Yours Here for Only $50 and FREE Shipping!




#1) Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Studio Headphones

Hands down the best and most professional pair of headphones we sell under $50 the ATH-M20x are an seriously impressive piece of audio equipment, then add to that the price and it’s a lock for the #1 spot in this list. Offering rich, lush, full sound the ATM-M20x blow all of our other sub $50 headphones away!


Grab Yours Here for Only $49.99!

SOL Republic RELAYS Review – Sport, Work, Play. The First Headphone That Keeps Up With You!


SOL Republic RELAYS Review

Who the heck has time or the money to have 3 pairs of headphones? Granted, a nice pair of noise isolation headphones are great for at work, to keep out the sounds of THAT guy in the next cubicle. Of course headphones that are water resistant and a MUST for the gym, but who wants to wear something that’s got all sorts of loops and hooks and bulky features to keep it in your ear when you aren’t running or working out? Nobody! That’s Who!

Whether you’re working out, surfing waves or surfing the web, you need a pair of headphones that’s going to stick with you no matter what you’re up to. SOL Republic has an answer. Introducing the RELAYS from SOL Republic! Easy to put in, won’t fall out! Super low profile and light weight, these headphones are perfectly suited for work, play and sport!

Sol Republic Tracks Air Review From Booredatwoork

SOL Republic Tracks Air Review

As always Booredatwork brings the love with this awesome review of the new Sol Republic Tracks Air. So far the Tracks Air have been hands down the hottest headphone in our inventory. Lucky we have plenty of them! Check out the video review below and be sure to subscribe and let him know what you think!

Koss ProDJ100 Full Size DJ Headphones Review

Koss ProDJ100 Full Size DJ Headphones

Koss ProDJ100 Full Size DJ Headphones

This week we checked out the KOSS ProDJ100 Headphones and for a sub-$100 pair of studio/pro dj headphones I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  To start of with the build quality on these headphones is absolutely the best I have seen in a pair of dj headphones at this price range. Usually they are mostly plastic and some steel / aluminium if you are lucky. The Koss ProDj100 Headphones on the other hand are constructed primarily of machined steel, giving them a super swanky look.  They have wonderfully plush ear-pads, and have a sound that’s nicely balanced for mixing records.

While these headphones don’t fold up completly into a ball like some DJ headphones, they do however fold totally flat so they can easily be stored in your DJ case, record bag or even your lappy case.  Their ability to fold flat is thanks to their full 180 degree rotational cup design which as I go over in the video is awesome for mixing.  For a headphones under $100 we strongly recommend the The Koss ProDj100 Headphones as a solid option for any pro dj, beginner, or simply a music lover who likes the look of these Koss ProDj100 Headphones

Check out our latest video review of the Koss ProDJ100 Headphones and be sure to subscribe to our YT channel and give us lots of thumbs up’s!

Panasonic RP-HJE190 ErgoFit PLUS Fashion Earbud Earphones Review

Panasonic RP-HJE190 ErgoFit PLUS Fashion Earbud Earphones Review
Panasonic RP-HJE190 ErgoFit PLUS  Earbud Earphones Review

If you are at all like me, you prefer over-ear headphones, or at least on-ear, but also find a need to have some in-ear headphones for applications like running, hitting the gym, and maybe even going hands free in the car. In the case of simply looking for a light weight headphone that sounds great and WON’T fall out of your ears every 10 steps on the treadmill, the Panasonic RP-HJE190 ErgoFit headphones certainly do the trick.

Panasonic RP-HJE190 ErgoFit PLUS Review 

Upon trying out these headphones I have to say I was extremely surprised with the low-end performance of these tiny little buds. I have definitely tried out even over ear headphones that lacked the bass that the Panasonic RP-HJE190 ErgoFit PLUS are able to provide. I put these headphones to the ultimate test…a 3 mile run. How did they stack up? These little guys, though covered in sweat didn’t fall out ONCE, and they survived all the moisture just fine even though they are not marketed as water resistant. When it comes to a headphone in the sub $20 range you have to ask, what is it you really expect the headphone to be able to do…because you can count on the fact that for $20 its not going to do much more than ONE thing well.

When it comes to the Panasonic RP-HJE190 ErgoFit PLUS earbuds, I found that not only did they deliver when it comes to durability, and fit, but they also sound WAY better then some even $100 earbuds I have tried out. For a company like Panasonic, who isn’t exactly what we thing of in terms of audiophile quality…these headphones sure do give even headphone snobs something to think about!

Grab Yours Here:

$19.99 Read more

Panasonic RP-HJE190 ErgoFit PLUS Video Review