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Final was established in 1974 by the late Kanemori Takai. The first real product it released was a cartridge designed by Yoshihisa Mori, who was renowned for his cartridge designs. It had a groundbreaking figure eight air-core coil with a cantilever cut from a one-carat diamond. There was no influence from adhesive or an iron core; it produced extremely clear sound, and was regarded highly.

Following this, Takai encountered Takashi, an audio engineer with unequaled skills and ideas, and embarked on the development of amps, speakers and turntables under the final brand name in earnest. Takai came up with the concepts, while Takashi provided the skills, and the company, while being a small-scale entity, became a manufacturer of everything, from cartridges, the entrance for sound, to amps and the exit of said sound, speakers.

In 2007, final’s Takai, together with Mr. Yamaguchi, the president of Daiichi Tsushin Kogyo Ltd. – highly respected as a high-end audio brand OEM and developer of SACD – established S’NEXT as a subsidiary of Molex, a large company that developed connectors. The aim was to create an OEM / ODM business that produced speakers, headphones and earphones. Molex, a large, precision connector manufacturer, supplied the capital and the manufacturing technology, while a team of engineers from final and Daiichi Tsushin Kogyo Ltd. handled the technological development.

In 2009, along with being an OEM / ODM, S’NEXT decided to sell its own branded earphones and headphones; “final” was employed as the brand name, but then to distinguish it from the existing final, the brand was given the name “final audio design”.

In 2014, through an MBO by the current management team, S’NEXT gained independence from Molex. At this time, our head office was moved from Shinagawa to Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, where it was enlarged upon; in order to heighten product quality and development capability, we integrated the development bases of the production of high-class items and driver units. From now on, we aspire to producing not only headphones and earphones, but a wide range of products, merging S’NEXT’s engineering team with final technology and Daiichi Tsushin Kogyo Ltd.’s digital technology; with this in mind, we decided to return the final audio design brand to final as of June 2015, and to update the logo in line with this.

In 2017, Final Audio came in contact with New York’s top rated headphone store, Audio46. We were so impressed by their product that we ordered their entire line of products. Since then Audio46 has become the Largest Final Audio Retailer in the New York Area. You can stop on into the Audio46 Final Audio Store and Demo their full product.

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