2017 Best Workout Headphones: Top 5 Under $150

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The holidays are right around the corner and these are the 2017 best stocking stuffers, I mean 2017 best workout headphones under $150.

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Westone ADV Adventure Alpha

2017 best workout headphones

Over a year later and these headphones still rank on our “Best Workout Headphones” list. Westone’s ADV Adventure Alpha earphone provides the clear and balanced sound that is a signature of Westone, but in a sports-friendly frame. The earbud housing is water-resistant and detachable from the nylon-braided, reflective, and also water-resistant build up to IPX3. That means the earpieces are able to withstand spraying water. The MMCX connection allows users to easily swap out the cable whenever they feel its necessary. That being said, this sportsphone can be made wireless with Westone’s MMCX-based Bluetooth cable that is also water-resistant and has a battery life of 8 hours. As for the specs, the ADV Adventure Alpha reaches a frequency response of 20-18,000 Hertz. Grab Westone ADV Adventure Alpha headphones at Audio46 and Amazon for $149.99 and Westone’s Bluetooth cable for $149 from Audio46.

MEE Audio X8

MEE Audio X8Being one of our top sellers, MEE Audio X8 wireless earbuds are a quick seller and for good reason. This wireless headset is really light and quite small. The earbud housings nestle themselves comfortably in one’s ears. The cable is that of an over-ear-hook design with a built-in microphone and remote for controlling music. The over-ear-hook adds a great deal of security. These buds can endure basically any workout – whether running, jumping, or performing exercises with more impact, the X8 is going to stay put. Like most other wireless earphones, the X8 runs for up to 8 hours on a full charge over Bluetooth 4.1 and reaches a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hertz. As for sound, expect excellent sound with full bass, which is perfect for those intense workouts. Get the MEE Audio X8 at Audio46 for $79.99.

JBL Reflect Mini BT

JBL Reflect Mini BT (Red) Bluetooth Earphones 2017 best workout headphones

Another lightweight topping our 2018 Best Workout Headphones Under $150 list is the JBL Reflect Mini BT. It’s available in a variety of colors. This particular model is one of my favorites as it has the essential features for a sports bud and costs well under $150. In fact, for $100, you get a sweat/water resistant frame (IPX4, splashing water) with a reflective cable for safety and an ear fin that literally locks the earbuds in your ear. Seriously, the earbuds won’t be going anywhere while you pump iron. The sports fin is available in a few different sizes and users can forgo it all together if they wish. The sound is balanced, which is nice, but for bass-heads you may be left yearning for a bit more. All-in-all, it gets the job done. Grab yours from Audio46 for $99.99.

JBL Reflect Aware

JBL Reflect Aware 2017 best workout headphones

If you’ve got an iPhone 7 or higher and are looking to take advantage of the Lightning port on your phone, JBL Reflect Aware is the perfect option for you. This earbud is also lightweight, water-resistant, reflective, and a sports fin. However, it ups the ante with a noise-cancelling feature that can be used with either full ANC, partial ANC so you’re aware of your surroundings or no ANC at all. The best part of this feature is the fact that doesn’t require an extra battery pack as most ANC wired headphones do. The JBL Reflect Aware is able to draw power from your phone, without sucking it dry, by using the Lightning port. JBL Reflect Aware runs for $149.99 at Audio46.

Klipsch AW-4i

Klipsch AW-4i Pro Sport Earphones (Blue) 2017 Best Workout Headphones

This model combines the balanced, reference sound of Klipsch audio with an active lifestyle. The buds are also tough enough to endure extreme weather conditions. Though I’ll also point out that  Klipsch doesn’t detail the IP rating. Some water or sweat here and there won’t harm these buds, but I wouldn’t advise dunking them in water anytime soon. The cable may not be reflective, but its tangle-free. There’s also a clip to secure the cable to your blouse. As for the fit, the patented oval-shaped ear tips are pretty good at staying in your ear once you’ve selected the correct size. As for sound, these headphones are also balanced. They deliver a great deal of clarity all for a mere $59. You can grab Klipsch AW-4i at Audio46.



Most of the aforementioned models have been pretty light on the bass, but I couldn’t edit this list without giving the bass heads what they want – more bass. That being said, Sony MDR-XB80BS Extra Bass Wireless headphones are for fitness buffs that love the bass. The frame is water resistant with an IP rating of 5, meaning its enclosures can withstand jetting water. The buds fit in an over-ear hook design that’s fashioned out of soft flex material. Users are able to adjust the tension on the cable with an adjuster. However, depending on the length, the cable can dangle on the back of your neck. Ugh! Other than that it is pretty comfortable. It operates over Bluetooth technology and is NFC capable. The headphone’s yields a runtime of about 7 hours, but a quick charge of a mere 10 minutes equals an hour playtime. Sweet! Like many other Bluetooth earbuds, the XB80BS is equipped with an in-line remote and mic. As for the sound, like most other Sony products, these wireless buds pack a nice punch. The driving bass line is fun without bleeding into your mids and highs – perfect for keeping up your adrenaline during your workout. Sony MDR-XB80BS is available from Audio46 for $149.99.

Are there any earbuds you think are missing from our “2017 Best Workout Headphones: Top 5 Under $150” article? Let us know in the comments section.

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