Grado GS1000e

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Grado GS1000e

Every time a customer asks to try the Grado GS1000e headphone out, my heart skips a beat.  I actually get that excited at the thought of someone coming to own a pair of these great headphones.  Why?  Because they are, in my own opinion, the best freaking headphones EVER.

Now, that could be a hefty claim.  And there are people who will talk about in-ear or closed-back design.  Hey, I get that.  And bass?  I get that too.  But in general, I look for clear sound in a pair of headphones.  Then I look at design.  So by those standards, this just might be the best damn headphone you can buy.

grado gs1000e

How does it sound?

There’s no bass.  There’s no distortion.  There is a beautiful, almost unrealistically flat sound.  With excellent separation.  You can hear every facet of every sound.  Every subtle inflection.  A microscope for your ears.

The frequency range on this sucker is great:  8-35000 hertz.  With a low impedance of 32 ohms.  So listening on a cell phone isn’t a problem.

Comfort is through the roof.  Many people could purchase these headphones on wearability alone, and come back around for the sound quality.  There’s some slight pressure around the ears.  A gentle pressing sensation.  The oversized earcups are awesome.  At first a little intimidating, but once you get listening, you tend to forget the size of the cans.  You might even forget these headphones are on your ears.

grado gs100oe

The band and the cable are still heavy duty.  The standard cable for the Grado GS1000E is a 1/4” plug, but there’s  a short cable adapter included in the box that converts it to a 3.5mm audio plug.  There’s also a much, much longer 1/4” extension cable inside for home listening.

The final word?  If you have the money, get them.  Most people won’t  have the money.  I get that.  But for a flat, even sound with perfect separation and a comfort level that easily works for hours upon hours, this is the headphone you should try.

If you try it, you’ll buy it.

It’s just that good.

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