AudioQuest Headphones & Audio Accessories

Bill Low created AudioQuest in 1980 to further expand audio activities that he started in the early 1970’s. From an Early age Bill was an avid audiophile who started building and selling gear for his friends. Low reinvested his profits from these transactions back into himself and began expanding his growing business, to eventually open up a distribution store, which he later sold to a friend so that he could move to California to expand. By the end of 1980, Audioquest was selling in 24 locations throughout the state and one in Colorado. In January of 1981, Audioquest first exhibited at CES Las Vegas, a month later they were selling throughout Europe, Asia and most of the country.

Audioquest has become the country’s largest retailer of high-end audiophile cables and is now sold in over sixty countries. This audiophile company and their founder are now living the American Dream, Audio46 is proud to carry Audioquest’s products.