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Cayin HA-300 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

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Product Details

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  • Best possible integration of balanced and singled-end signal processing: Input Transformer(for Bal input)-> Push-pull Single-end Amplification-> Output Transformer (for Bal output)
  • Two-boxes design with multi-stage tube regulated power supply
  • Carefully selected premium tubes
  • •Power Amplification: Full Music gold pins ceramic base 300B x2
  • •Voltage Amplification: Shuguang WE6SN7 replica of Western Electric x2
  • •Tube Rectification: NOS RCA 22DE4 rectifier tubes x4
  • In-house design and custom-build power, input and output transformers
  • Provide choice of headphone outputs for high, middle and low impedance; make sure all headphones will perform satisfactory.
  • Point-to-point Wielding to ensure shortest signal path and enhance the transparency and refinement of audio performance
  • High quality shield silver-plated internal cable to minimize interference during transmission
  • High-Precision 24 steps potentiometer to provide low noise, high-precision volume control.
  • US Aviation standard sockets and connectors for outboard power supply connection
  • Beautifully design and crafted VU meter
  • Support XLR balance and RCA singled-end inputs

The Sound of Heaven
HA-300 Direct Heated Triode Tube Headphone Amplifier

450 days Research and Development

3 rounds Major re-Design

17 rounds Optimization

Voltage Amplification: Shuguang WE6SN7 Replica of Western Electric

> Designed to work in High Current, can withstand high voltage
> Offer a rich and authoritative sound signature, enhance the presentation and resolution of audio performance
> Add smooth and warm vacuum tube flavor to your music be sound characteristics

Power Amplification: Full Music Gold Pins Ceramic Based 300B

>A power horse with outstanding dynamic and detail
> The Benchmark of singled-end amplification of direct heated triode
> Offers authentic music reproduction with the unique charm from the harmonic of 300B tube

Power Rectification

4 x NOS RCA 22DE4 rectifier tubes

Independent regulator design, each tube will regulate designated circuitry: 300B, 6SN7, Signal control, Power supply

Minimize ripple effect of power interference during signal processing /amplification

Transformer: The Corner Stone of Tube Amplifier

Cayin design and custom-build all the transformers in HA-300 in-house Cost-on-objective to meet all functional and audio requirements

Toroidal Power Transformer
Quiet and clean with low magnetic leaking Compact and highly efficient An ideal solution to power supply application

El output transformer
Enable complicated multi-layer winding and multiple impedance output to match with different needs

Carefully matched output will sound balanced, natural and realistic across the complete audio spectrum

Power Supply Connectors

Adopting US Aviation standard sockets and connectors for outboard power supply connection

Custom-built multi-stranded power cable - transmit clean power to different gain stages independently


Support dual input formats XLR balance and RCA Singled-end

Headphone Outputs: 6.35mm TRS Singled-end & 4-pin XLR Balanced

Speaker Output: 8W +8w Pure Class A

Impedance Matched Headphone output

L: 8-64Ω
M: 65-250Ω
H: 251-600Ω
high, middle and low options at your discretion.

High-Precision 24 Steps Potentiometer

Low noise, high-precision, durable and reliable.

Matched-pair resistors, ensure left and right channels are always in line with each other.

Shield by aluminum-alloy chassis, eliminate noise and interference.

Point-to-point Wielding

Skillful, time consuming but better attention to detail. Shortest signal path, improved conductivity. To bring the circuit design into full play with high level of transparency and refinement.

Internal Wiring

High quality shield silver-plated cable. Minimize interference during transmission.

VU Meters

Beautiful design and crafted. Stunning visual effect that also monitor the signal level.

Pragmatic and Prominent Craftsmanship

Lightweight aluminum alloy panel: highly resistant to oxidation
long lasting high-gloss surface
Hand-painted finishing: time consuming and skillful treatment
uniform and lustrous that is smooth and delicate

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