Final Audio - Earpads for D8000 Headphones

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Replacement Earpads for Final D8000 Headphones

Replacement earpads for the Final D8000 Headphones.  

Newly-developed open type earpads

With not only sealed headphones but open-type headphones as well, sealing the earpads makes for a characteristic lengthening of reproduction frequency to bass frequencies that the driver unit originally couldn't reproduce. However, for the high-quality expression of the natural spread of bass frequencies the source sound originally has, it is necessary for the driver unit itself to have the ability to reproduce bass frequencies, and also to use breatheable earpads that are not tightly sealed. With all conventional planar magnetic models and many dynamic models, there is a lack in terms of bass frequencies with earpads
that are not tightly sealed.

With D8000, the reproduction band of bass frequencies has been extended through AFDS, and it has become possible to sufficiently reproduce bass frequencies even with earpads that are not sealed tightly just with driver unit ability. The earpads that great influence sound quality have been newly developed specially for D8000 from highly-breatheable foam and specialized fibers.

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