iBasso - DX300 High Performance Digital Audio Player (Pre-Order, ETA end-of-Jan)

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Product Details from the Brand

Fully Evolved New Flagship

iBasso DX300 

Reference Digital Audio Player

Dual System Controllers & Dual Batteries

In-House Developed FPGA-Master

A Dedicated Controller of the Audio System 

In the DX300, we adopted an in-house developed FPGA-Master technology. The FPGA-Master, as the audio system controller, directly requests audio data from the SoC, and plays a major role in signal reproduction and maintaining signal integrity. It synchronizes and generates all audio clocks at the same time utilizing two Accusilicon femtosecond oscillators to achieve a fully synchronized single clock source. The FPGA and oscillators also reduce jitter to an extremely low level, building a clean digital audio signal.

14nm 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660

The Bright Star Among The Audio Player SoCs

The DX300 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 as the SoC. With the powerful performance of this 14-nanometer 8-core processor, there is currently no other SoC in the field of digital audio players that can match it. With 6GB of RAM there is ample memory for a consistent and fast response and the 128GB of onboard storage space allows for the convenience of installing more APPs and music.

Patented Dual Battery Power Supply Structure

Separate AMP & Digital Power Supplies

The power system is one of the most significant parts of a player and has a decisive influence on its sound quality. SoC, DAC, AMP, and other components all have strict requirements for transient power supply. When a single battery is powering the entire system, a large demand of current by the digital section and the analog section can affect each other, which can cause distortion, that degrades the sound quality. The DX300 utilizes a patented (see patent number below) dual battery structure with the AMP and digital section being powered by independent batteries. The independent battery provides a sufficient power supply to ensure the stability of the AMP section and it isolates the digital section interference to achieve better overall sound quality. This ensures that the analog section is receiving extremely clean DC, allowing the AMP section of the player to evolve.

Patent number in China: ZL202020682917.5

Quad CS43198 DAC Chips

Utilizing 4 pieces Cirrus Logic flagship DAC chips CS43198 to form a DAC array, the DX300 has a total of eight DAC channels with each of the eight having Low Pass Filters with the DAC chips  double-paralleled to achieve fully balanced output. Dual DACs in parallel can effectively reduce the discrete distortion caused by a single DAC chip due to the manufacturing process and environmental influences, which greatly improves the sound density and performance.

Replaceable AMP Card

A replaceable AMP Card Design provides for more variety, personalization and enjoyment of your music.  With the DX300 patented AMP card design and with the future AMP cards to come, the DX300 provides a wide range possibilities. Longer play time, different output ports, different circuit designs, and synergy matching can be achieved with our different cards.

Discrete AMP Card AMP11 Comes Standard

The default AMP card AMP11 is based on AMP8’s discrete circuit and is equipped with 3.5mm single ended, 2.5mm balanced and 4.4mm balanced outputs ports (all ports can also be changed to line outputs). A +/-8V power supply provides sufficient and stable energy for the AMP section.  The maximum output current of the transistor reaches 2.7A, which allows the AMP11 to drive IEMs and headphones that require high current with ease. The maximum voltage output of DX300 reaches 7.1Vrms, and thanks to the independent battery power supply, the maximum output power of 32Ω load is as high as 1240mW! 

6.5 Inch 2340*1080 Full Screen

Enhance Both Auditory and Visual Enjoyment

The DX300 adopts a 6.5 inch full screen design with a very narrow border. The screen resolution is 2340*1080 pixels and with the quality of color reproduction, is second to none in a digital audio player. There is also an indicator light on the top of the screen, which allows for the working status of the machine clear at a glance. 

5th Gen Mango OS + Android 9.0

Sound Quality & Operation Are Double Amazing

DX300 has a Linux-based OS specially developed for music playback; the 5th generation Mango OS. With Qualcomm 660's powerful GPU acceleration, the smoothness of operation has caught up with the Android system. The DX300 is also equipped with the Android 9.0 OS, which is far more smooth than many of today's mainstream DAPs. You can freely install most any APP and enjoy online streaming.

Bluetooth 5.0 + 5G WiFi 2×2 MIMO

Speedy & Carefree Wireless Experience

With an upgraded internal antenna, the DX300 gives you great coverage. The 5G WiFi adopts a 2×2 MIMO WiFi antenna design, with two input and two output channels, resulting in the data transmission speed and data volume being greatly upgraded. The DX300 supports Bluetooth 5.0, with an enhanced antenna that gives longer transmission distance and a stronger signal. 

Excellent AP measurements

Outstanding flagship sound performance

In the core measurements, the DX300 is also excellent. The measured signal-to-noise ratio is 125dB, the dynamic range is 125dB, and the THD+N is -113dB. The good measurements lay the foundation for the flagship sound. The maximum voltage output of the DX300 balanced output is 7.1Vrms, and it effortlessly drives most all full size headphones! The output power with 32Ω load reaches 1240mW, which is a very high score among portable DAPs.

Fully Evolved, No Compromise

Up to 15 hours of playtime

The DX300 supports QC3.0, PD2.0 quick charge protocol and fully charges within 2.5 hours.

USB sound card

USB sound card function, support of Windows PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, and other platforms.

Coaxial output

Support of PCM 384kHz and DoP DSD128 over the coaxial output.

High-speed USB-C

USB 3.1 high-speed transmission compared to the USB2.0 standard has the theoretical transmission speed that is increased by 10X over USB2.0.  

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