Nearbuds- Magnetic earbud clips.

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With Nearbuds:
• Earbuds instantly snap together behind the neck, or to collars and shirtfronts.
• Earbuds and jack stay together to prevent tangled wires in purses,pockets and suitcases.
• Earbuds and jack store on any magnetic-friendly surface.

Other features:
• A new and unique product that improves user experience with cell phones, laptops, tablets, mp3 players and desktops.
• Eliminates a dangling second earbud when listening through one ear. Just magnetically click the unused earbud to the one that’s in use.
• Reduce loss of earbuds and overall wear and tear
• An innovative, everyday carry product for anyone who uses earbuds including cyclists, travellers, joggers, gym enthusiasts, daily commuters and outdoor adventurers.
• A fully developed product with packaging text in English, French and Spanish.
• An engineered design using powerful Neodymium magnets and high grade plastics.
• Priced to sell and made to last.
• Successfully funded through Kickstarter.

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