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Clear Tune Monitors Vintage Series V3 Black Earphones


As powerful as it is beautiful, this triple-driver in-ear performs flawlessly in live situations. Clear and mighty sound for the ages!

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Clear Tune Monitors Vintage Series V3 Red Earphones

The VS-3 has 3 balanced armature drivers working with a 3-way crossover, which means it responds to every frequency with great intensity giving the user an experience very hard to compare.

Although the main feature of this monitor is its powerful bass, nothing is sacrificed in the highs, mids or lows. The VS-3’s punchy sound is very useful for musicians on stage, especially drummers, bassists and percussionists.

  • Ergonomically shaped housing
  • Chrome eartip
  • Stainless Steel mesh cover for eartip

Package Includes

  • 3 Foam tips (S/M/L)
  • 3 Silicone tips (S/M/L)
  • 1 Hard pocket size carrying case
  • 1 3.5mm – 6.25mm adapter
  • 1 Cleaning tool
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 16,000 Hz
Impedance 20 Ω @ 1kHz
Input Sensitivity 124dB @ 1mw
Noise Isolation -26dB
Headphone Construct Tripple Balanced Armature Drivers
Input Connector 1/8 in. (3.5mm)


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