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FiiO M23 / M23 SS Portable High-Resolution Music Player

bluetooth supported

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FiiO M23 Portable High-Resolution Music Player Overview

Get the “core with AKM flagship DAC combo

Like the Q15 and K9 AKM, the M23 utilizes the flagship AKM DAC combo —— the AK4191EQ+AK4499EX. It is a new design that totally separates the digital and analog portions and also features the “DWA ROUTING Technology” to further improve the signal-to-noise ratio. These technologies allow for a purer audio background and higher resolution audio – resulting in a relaxed yet natural sound.

FiiO M23 Portable High-Resolution Music Player AKM Flagship DAC

Double Type-C ports, patented Desktop Mode

The M23 is FIIO’s first portable player with dual Type-C ports, one of which is dedicated to accepting power only (POWER IN). When this dedicated power Type-C port is connected to fast charging, the Super High Gain Mode can be activated for more gain and more output power. In this mode, the output power can reach up to 1000mW+1000mW per channel, making the M23 better suited for pushing high impedance headphones. While in this mode, the other Type-C port does not consume any power and thus makes it suitable to connect the M23 to a phone for use as a USB DAC.

In addition, the M23 also follows FIIO’s latest patented technology - Desktop mode (D.MODE), with a switch specifically for toggling. When the D.MODE is activated, the M23 is completely powered by an external power source. The built-in battery will neither be charged nor discharged, which ensures the M23 can be used as desktop equipment without fear of damaging the battery.

FiiO M23 Portable High-Resolution Music Player Dual USB-C Ports

4-way fully balanced THX AAA 78+ amp design

FIIO, as one of the audio manufacturers with the earliest and most widely adopted THX amp design, has long mastered and polished the THX headphone amplifier architecture. The THX AAA 78 headphone amplifiers as used in the M11 Plus and M11 Pro have been widely praised by audiophiles around the world. After several years of continuing to refine the design, we introduce the THX AAA 78+ amplifier architecture in the M23. It allows for greater power output with high fidelity, resulting in powerful sound reproduced with extreme accuracy.

FiiO M23 Portable High-Resolution Music Player Fully Balanced THX Amp Design

Dual-mode fast charging, 5500mAh large battery

The M23 employs a dual-mode fast-charging system that utilizes extreme fast-charging + normal fast charging. At a lower battery state of charge, extreme fast-charging is used to safely allow for up to 30W charging speeds. When the battery gets close to a full state of charge, the M23 switches to slightly slower normal fast-charging, which allows for greatly improved charging times while still maintaining battery health.

The specially selected low-resistance fast-charging batteries5500mAh that employ high-temperature resistant material are paired with technologies such as a low resistance MOS protection board to ensure the batteries will last a long time.

FiiO M23 Portable High-Resolution Music Player Dual Mode Fast Charging


  1. M23
  2. Screen Protective Film (Pre-Installed)
  3. Protective Case (for Dark Blue Version)
  4. Leather Case (For Silver Version)
  5. USB-A male to Type-C Female Adapter
  6. Tray Eject Pin
  7. GPL V2 Manual
  8. Warranty Card
  9. Type-C to Type-C data/charging cable
  10. Quick Start Guide
FiiO M23 Portable High-Resolution Music Player In The Box


  • Color: Dark blue (aluminum alloy), silver (stainless steel)
  • SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660
  • OS: Android10
  • DAC: AK4191EQ+AK4499EX
  • Display: 5.5-inch (720*1440)
  • Headphone outputs: Single-ended 3.5mm PO/LO/SPDIF + balanced 4.4mm PO/LO
  • USB ports: Type-C USB3.0 data/charging, Type-C POWER IN independent power port
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Bluetooth transmission: SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/LHDC/LDAC
  • Bluetooth reception: SBC/AAC/LDAC
  • Output power 1: L+R 1000mW+1000mW (320/THD+N<1%/ balanced/over-ear headphone mode)
  • Output power 2: L+R>240mW+240mW (3000/THD+N<1%/ balanced/over-ear headphone mode)
  • Output power 3: L+R 420mW+420mW (320/THD+N<1%/ single-ended/over-ear headphone mode)
  • Output power 4: L+R>60mW+60mW (300/THD+N<1%/ single-ended/over-ear headphone mode)
  • Output power 5: L+R>475mW+475mW (320/THD+N<1%/ balanced/high gain)
  • Output power 6: L+R>125mW+125mW (320/THD+N<1%/ single-ended/high gain)
  • SNR: 125dB (A-weighted)
  • Noise floor: PO<1.9μV (A-weighted); BAL<3.1μV(A-weighted)
  • Output impedance: <10 (320 load)
  • THD+N: 0.00038% (1kHz/-6dB@320)
  • Battery capacity: 5500mAh
  • Battery life: 10.5h single-ended, 9h balanced
  • System RAM: 4GB
  • Storage capacity: 64GB/about46GB available
  • Dimensions: 136.575.718.1mm
  • Weight: About 299g (aluminum alloy), about 392.3g (stainless steel)

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