Price Match Guarantee

If you find a lower price on any product sold by an authorized dealer with a 4 star or above rating, we will match the price. The item must be advertised at the lower price by an Authorized Dealer (with a 4 star rating or above) From the USA and must be in stock.

At the time of purchase, we will match the current pre-tax price for new, identical, immediately available products from authorized online dealers, including Amazon*. – We will also match prices post purchase if we lower our price within 15 days of your purchase. 

The Guarantee is limited to one price match per identical item, per guest and does not apply to: the online prices of retailers not listed clearly on their site, offers that include financing, gift card offers, bundling of items, free items, pricing errors, mail-in offers, coupon offers, items that are advertised as limited-quantity, out of stock, open-box, clearance, refurbished/used items, our and our competitor’s Deal of the Day, daily deals, special hour sale event items and credit card offers.

In order to get price match guarantee pricing, simply send any applicable competitors printed or web ad to, along with a link to the product you would like to buy.

*Please note that our Price Match Guarantee applies to authorized dealers only, and does not apply to gray-market items (sold without warranty) by unauthorized dealers, including some online marketplace sellers. Online price matching will be applied to the FULL PURCHASE PRICE of our competitors, this includes shipping. Also Price Match Guarantee are not eligible for further discount code. For a complete list of authorized dealers, please visit the manufacturer’s website. Audio46 will not guarantee a price match for an item that has been discontinued by it’s manufacturer, or for a product from a manufacturer’s line that is no longer in business.


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