About Us

Founded in 2013, Audio46formerly known as Orb Headphoneshas quickly become one of the leading headphone specialty stores in NYC, as well as one of the leading voices in the headphone review community.

We are an authorized dealer of everything we sell.

And with a carefully curated selection of headphones, we offer the most honest advice by our helpful staff, Blog and Youtube Channel. You can count on finding a pair of headphones you’ll love, in fact we guarantee it!

Music is meant to be experienced, not tolerated. Without a good pair of headphones, you’re missing out on the top-of-the-line quality that your music has to offer. Professionals and musicians everywhere agree: a pair of high quality headphones is one of the most important pieces of equipment to invest in. We know, however, that sometimes you may need a little help in deciding which pair is right for you.

At Audio46 you’ll never be left guessing. With customer service and an outstanding shopping experience as our #1 concern, we cater to music lovers of all types. Customers are encouraged to bring some music in with them to try out the headphones and let our dedicated staff help you select the perfect pair. And with our user review system, Youtube Review channel, live chat support & focus on outstanding customer service you can rest assured we’ll help guide you to the pair of headphones that’s perfect for you.

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