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Fostex T50RPmk4 Semi Open-Back Headphones (Pre-Order)




planar magnetic




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Fostex T50RPmk4

The T50RPmk4 is a brand-new headphone developed by Fostex, equipped with a completely redesigned RP planar magnetic driver. Since having debuted in 1974 as part of the T50, Fostex's first ever headphones, the renowned RP driver has been featured in numerous different headphone models throughout the years. These headphones have been regarded as first-rate monitoring headphones by musicians and sound engineers all over the world. Audiophiles have also sought RP series headphones for their fantastic versatility and unparalleled value-to-performance. Featuring a new 4th generation RP driver as well as an updated, improved housing design, listeners of all backgrounds can enjoy the increasingly-refined new generation of RP headphones from Fostex.

Fostex T50RPmk4 Semi Open-Back Headphones Multiple Views

4th Generation RP Series Driver

The RP technology planar magnetic driver, first developed over 50 years ago and refined continuously throughout the years, has now hit its 4th generation. A new printed coil pattern shape has been employed to expand and equalize the vibration area of the flat diaphragm. Additionally, the number of magnets that sandwich the diaphragm has been increased substantially.
Furthermore, the components of the magnetic circuit have been redesigned to optimize their magnetic flux distribution, suppressing unnecessary resonance and achieving even better transient response. This 4th generation driver, developed by fully incorporating various technologies cultivated over the years, simultaneously achieves improved sensitivity, smooth frequency response, and superb transient characteristics. By accurately and delicately reproducing elements all across the frequency spectrum, the soundstage and localization have also been improved. The new driver is also more efficient, requiring less power from the headphone amplifier to achieve peak performance.

Fostex T50RPmk4 Semi Open-Back Headphones RP Series Driver

Symmetrical housing, which allows cable connection on either side of the head, with no difference in sound quality

Both the left and right housings are equipped with connectors for the supplied cable, so that the cable can be connected to either the left or right depending on the usage environment. In addition, by making the left and right housings symmetrical, the difference in sound characteristics, usually caused by differing internal structures between sides, has been eliminated. The connector is equipped with a 4-pole 3.5mm connector, which supports balanced connections, increasing ease of use and versatility. The cable uses high-quality OFC conductors.

Comfortable ear pads

The new, thicker ear pads feature a low-resilience, around-ear type that provides a comfortable fit, making them comfortable to use even when listening for long periods of time.


  • T50RPmk4
  • Unbalanced cable : Φ3.5mm(4-pole) to Φ3.5mm(3-pole) 2m x 1
  • Conversion connector : Φ3.5 to Φ6.3 x 1


  • Type: Semi-open
  • Driver: RP planar magnetic
  • Impedance: 28 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 97 dB/mW
  • Max Input: 3,000mW
  • Freq. response: 10 – 40,000 Hz
  • Weight: Approx.330g (excluding cable)

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for product improvement

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