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64 Audio Volür Universal In-Ear Monitor (Includes m12 Apex Module) (Open Box)




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Audio46's Opinion

The Volur stands out as a refined and charismatic gem within the 64 Audio mid-range lineup, offering a warm, fast and deliciously cohesive sound signature. With a harmonious blend of color, control, and a captivating 3D soundstage, the Volur is probably one of my favorite 64 Audio IEMs.

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Ushering in a new era of technological innovation, Volür is a 10-driver hybrid universal in-ear monitor (UIEM), building on the heritage of our first high-driver count hybrid, Nio (released in 2020). The successful recipe of this hybrid platform propelled our appetite for discovery, resulting in one of the most challenging and rewarding developments in our history of pioneering industry-shaping high-end audio. Joining the ranks of our other technological powerhouses, like U18s and Fourté, this small package is filled with an almost impossible amount of proven and novel acoustic science.

The pulsating heart of Volür is made up of two new custom 9mm dynamic drivers in a True Isobaric configuration, delivering unprecedented sonic capabilities in the low-frequency (LF) band. While our direct radiating tia™ high-driver remains the criterion in high-frequency (HF) performance, our new tia waveguide optimizes its efficiency while offering greater tuning control. The six low-mid and single high-mid balanced armature drivers carry through to Volür. Their implementation was wholly re-engineered to maximize internal space while integrating 3D printed acoustic tuning features.

lifestyle photo Volur

It’s important to note that the outer shell remains the same size, while all significant structural changes occur internally. The faceplate now features a sleeker chamfer, seamlessly blending with the matte black-finished aluminum shell. The final cosmetic touch comes in the form of an homage to the original Nio: a dreamy purple abalone chip made from responsibly harvested New Zealand Paua shell.

What is soon to be a new benchmark in acoustic delivery, Volür is capable of visceral bass while leaving room for the rest of the spectrum to shine. The saturated mids continue to evoke a similar analog warmth found in Nio, while the highs propel it into the territory of some of the most resolving audio products in the world.


The goal with the LF response was to increase quality, not just quantity, and the dual isobaric drivers deliver both beautifully. Due to its distinctive damping qualities, you hear more of the music and less smear, in a sense lowering the noise floor to a darker background between notes/beats and allowing details to shine. There’s a more palpable impact, with subtle sub-bass information revealing the artist’s true intentions. This head-filling bass also allows you to experience a full sound at extremely low volumes, especially with a more isolating module like m20.

The familiar Nio mids, known for their rich character, maintain that signature quality, delivering an almost tube-saturated presentation. Volür’s unique response curve enhances that experience with holographic center imaging that really shines with vocals, making them feel as if they are floating inside your head.

The tia waveguide plays the biggest role in improving HF response since our invention of the direct-radiating driver. The clarity presented by the HF band, and Volür’s unbelievably wide sound-stage, puts it in the same sonic resolution category as our flagship Fourté. This is a rare high-end audio product that bridges the gap between indulgent bass-loving and technical detail-oriented audiophiles.


The direct-radiating tia high-driver is fitted with our new tia waveguide to increase the efficiency and general amplitude of the HF band. In order to refine this HF response, special diffusion windows were integrated to the front and side of the waveguide. The tia waveguide also serves as a mounting mechanism, mating to the mid-driver housing, offering exact driver positioning during manufacturing.

Tubeless In-Ear Audio is a patented IEM design methodology that aims to reduce unwanted resonance and distortion for a transparent and lifelike sound signature. The tia system consists of three major elements: open balanced armature tia drivers, the tia single-bore design, and tia acoustic chambers. Volür features two major elements of the tia system: the tia driver and the tia single-bore design.


Linear Impedance Design (LID) is a patented circuit that corrects the non-linear electrical resistance of the multiple driver-sets comprising this 10 driver IEM. Varying source amplifier output impedance in devices like smartphones, body packs, DAC/amps, and DAPs typically results in varying frequency response, depending on the increase in resistance. Restoring proper interaction with the source and preserving the desired sound signature enables a consistent reliable sound.


While it looks similar to many of our UIEMs, the internal construction of the Apex system is redesigned to maximize space for the LF bore incorporated into the mid-driver housing.

Air Pressure Exchange is a patented vent that releases air pressure in a sealed ear canal all while retaining standard IEM levels of isolation, enabling musicians and music enthusiasts to listen more comfortably for longer. This venting alleviates listener fatigue and allows for a much more realistic soundstage. Apex comes in four module variations for Volür: mX, m12*, m15 and m20.

True Isobaric™ Configuration

Our cone-to-magnet isobaric driver configuration consists of two drivers connected by an acoustically inert coupling chamber. One diaphragm is fully sealed off, while only the other contributes sound pressure. This complex application results in better damping, lower distortion, twice the power handling (because there are two coils and two motor structures), and extended LF response.

Because this iso-group needed to be wired in series, we worked with our suppliers to create a new 9mm dynamic driver with an upgraded n54 magnet and 25μm PU/115°C + 19μm Ti Cone to increase sensitivity. To further shape the sound, we used a high-precision textile mesh acoustic low-pass filter (originally developed for Fourté Blanc).

lifestyle photo 2 Volur


Dynamic + Balanced Armature

2 low DD, 6 mid BA, 1 high-mid BA, 1 tia high BA

5Hz – 22kHz

103 dB/mW @ 1kHz @ 1mW (94mV)

6.3Ω @1kHz

Integrated 4-way passive crossover

-20dB w/ m20 module
-15dB w/ m15 module
-12dB w/ m12 module*
-10dB w/ mX module

0.23 Ohms total impedance
7 x 7 x 4 Multi-twist
Silver plated OCC copper wire
26 AWG

*m12 (gold) apex modules included with purchase for a limited time

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