Rewards are linked to your email address.
If you made a purchase before creating an account, don't worry. Create an account using the same email at any time to access your points!
(Points earned from purchases are held for 45 days before becoming redeemable. This means that they won't show up on your total until AFTER that date.)

Where to find your points

Step 1: Sign into your Audio46 account

Step 2: Click on the Rewards button on the lower left corner of the page
what the rewards button looks like

Step 3: Click on "Redeem Rewards" and your points will be converted into a coupon code. (Once you create a coupon code, the points are locked into it. If you need to edit your redeemed rewards total, you'd have to reach out to us first.)
what the rewards app looks like and where to click on it

(*see 5% discount restrictions)

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