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DD ddHiFi BC130 Pro (Nyx Pro) Shielded Earphone Upgrade Cable (+Free AS100 Ashtray Design Metal Storage Case)

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BC130 Pro (Nyx Pro) Shielded Earphones Upgrade Cable

Enhancing experience once more

Darkness always comes to light

The shielding layer of Nyx Pro is not a traditional metal conductor but an innovative use of silver-coated conductive fibre material placed between the inner and outer insulation layers made possible through a precise weaving process. The central core of the wire is wrapped in this soft conductive fibre, depicting how darkness always comes to light.

Conductor structure enhanced across the spectrum

Adhering to a silver-to-copper ratio of 1:3, a circular array of 7 enlarged-diameter pure silver conductors is used with monocrystalline copper conductors evenly distributed around the circumference. This combination is reflected in the sound quality and can significantly improve high-frequency resolution while ensuring solid and impactful low and mid-frequency.

Audiophile-grade replaceable plug structure

Unlike the traditional 4-pin connector, Nyx Pro's replaceable plug connector is a standard Mini-XLR 4-pin. This connector meets the high-quality requirements for lossless audio signals. The internal connection line of the plug sports a customised conductor designed to balance the sound quality deviation caused by solder materials. The Nyx Pro earphones cable is bundled with a 4.4 mm balanced and 3.5 mm single-ended plug.

Internal adjustments based on lossless plugs

Adjustments have been made between the Mini-XLR connector and the DC pin of the replaceable plug. The conductor used is very critical. First, it must match the primary tone trend of Nyx Pro and then be adjusted for an increased sense of hearing. After adjustment, the monocrystalline copper and pure silver mixing ratio is integral to the cable's high quality while ensuring listenability.

Jointly developed interchangeable connectors

MMCX and 0.78 mm 2-pin are the two most commonly adopted connector types used by many earphones and headphones manufacturers. ddHiFi and Eletech have jointly collaborated and developed the new Nyx Pin interchangeable connector system. The Nyx Pro earphones cable will come standard with MMCX connectors and two pairs of 0.78 mm two-pin connectors of different pin lengths* to facilitate fitting.

*Since there are generally two types of headphone sockets with 0.78 mm 2-pin interface on the market, the difference lies in the depth of the socket, 3.0 mm and 3.5 mm. Nyx Pro comes bundled with the transparent-shell connector, sporting a length of 3.0 mm, and the black-shell connector, a length of 3.5 mm.


Cable gauge


Core conductor material

High-Purity Silver and Monocrystalline Copper (Taiwan) - Litz Type 2

Core conductor structure

Φ0.08mm × 7strands × 4wire (Pure Silver) + Φ0.05mm × 56strands × 4wire (Monocrystalline Copper)

Inner Insulation

Japan NUC chemical foam HDPE (Made in Japan)

External insulation

High Transparency SoftFlex PVC (Made in USA)

Plug connector



4.4mm Balanced + 3.5mm Single-ended


0.78mm 2pin + MMCX

Weight (including 4.4mm plug and MMCX connectors)

About 34g



*The replaceable connectors used for the Nyx Pro earphones cable are called “Nyx-Pin”; the replaceable connectors used for independent sales are called “Versa”. While the metal shells of “Nyx-Pin” and “Versa” differ, the internal connectors are the same.


Limited Time Addition
AS100 HiFi Earphone Metal Storage Case with Ashtray Design

Containers are a disguise

In the real world or the virtual digital space, we need containers to transport irregular objects. Containers have no names and are generally named after the items they carry.

This metal storage case

Since everyone thinks it is an ashtray, let’s add some functions. This metal storage case has three grooves and a cigar holder*.

*The cigar holder is suitable for cigars with a maximum ring gauge of 42 and a diameter of approximately 16mm.


If you accidentally buy many of them, try stacking them like this. The groove design on the bottom matches the arc on the top.

Screw holes, how to use them?

If you like, set it up like this: how does it feel?


AL6063 aluminium alloy, anodised titanium metal colour

Lid size

Diameter 85.8mm, Thickness 6.5mm

Storage case size

Diameter 100mm, Height 39mm

Cigar holder specifications

42 ring gauge


About 300g


4pieces of anti-slip mats

Note: There will be clamping marks inside the round holes on the lid and the bottom of the storage case, which cannot be avoided for now. If you have any concerns, please do not buy. The surface marks are apparent, attributed to the long conduction time and the strong support force of the hanger during the anodising process.

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