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Kennerton HeartLand Planar Magnetic Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones (Open Box)




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Audio46's Opinion

Man, it’s difficult to come up with any real negatives. I loved every aspect the Heartland, from the classy design, to the energetic, yet comprehensive and cohesive mids. The imaging is colorful and the highs are smooth. Indeed, these cans can handle any genre you throw at them. They’re thoroughly pleasurable, and I started to appreciate the Heartland more and more the longer I listened. When I’m spending this kind of money, I not only expect top-notch skill, but also a charismatic and highly musical personality. And the Heartland certainly checks all these boxes.

Our Full Review

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↓ Details provided by Kennerton

We conceived Heartland as headphones that even a sophisticated audiophile could discover new edges of the beauty of sound. Judging by the reviews, we really managed to surprise the listener in a very good way!

Heartland is an interpretation of the future through premium Planar Magnetic headphones from Kennerton Audio Equipment.

Note: Due to specific nature of every piece of wood each pair of wood cups can not correspond precisely to the photo on the website.



“Wide is My MotherLand”! The creation of Heartland was preceded by long experiments with planar magnetic drivers and the depth of sound transmission in the vocal range. We were mesmerized by the ability of planar-magnetic headphones to transmit the smallest details of the melody and became curious about how headphones could sound that accurately, scrupulously accurately play out over the entire range of sound – without articulation at the bottom or top – and at the same time preserve the overall body of the music, not pushing it with detail. The fruit of this curiosity became the Heartland headphones.

Our novelty is built on the basis of 80 mm planar magnetic drivers with carbon fiber tooling and a thickened 20 nm polyimide membrane. The magnetic driver system is made of semicircular magnets. Heartland provides a panoramic view of the material being listened to: our new driver provides the highest degree of sound detail in the midrange area and at the same time the completeness of the sound of the tops and bottoms allows you to move away from the usual perception of music and enjoy the overall sound of the melody and the interconnection of all its components.

The strict design of the Heartland cups visually supports the utilitarian function of this new product. We tried to create headphones that, even before listening, with their appearance, would prepare for an analytical, deep immersion in a music session, which would act as a perfect frame for any melodic canvas. Kennerton branding on this model has a special meaning for us: we are proud to invite connoisseurs of high-quality sound to our club, our family!

Due to the design of the headband with a minimum number of moving parts and the use of lightweight materials, Heartland has an extremely comfortable fit, remaining reliable and comfortable even in conditions of intensive everyday listening.

We strive to ensure that everyone can find headphones for themselves in the Kennerton range, headphones to be used with pleasure. Heartland is an excellent choice for those connoisseurs of high–quality sound, for whom it is important to have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of music in its fullest manifestation.

For this reason, we pay special attention to the quality control of components. We are confident in the team of professionals who create the beauty and sound of Kennerton headphones with their own hands. But, realizing our responsibility to the enjoyers of good audio equipment, we additionally carry out individual tuning of each pair of headphones and a mandatory 70-hour burn in to maintain a high level of quality, which we are proud of!


Headphone cups made of precious wood are not only beautiful and just pleasant to touch, but also bring warm and natural notes to the sound of the headphones, eliminating the intrusive “plastic” overtones of competitors’ models. Lightweight design, easy-adapting to the user’s head.


Soft ear cushions for maximum comfort. The design places driver at optimum distance from ear, improves soundstage/imaging, and musical coherence.

Ear cushions are hand-made from soft lambskin. All spares are genuine Kennerton products and match the quality and craftsmanship that embodies Kennerton.


The woven case will help protect the headphones from dust and scratches, so that you can preserve the beauty of your headphones in its original look for a long time.


Headphones is designed to enjoy the music anywhere, and for convenient transportation from place to place, we have included a wear-resistant case bag made of durable eco-leather. The bag provides reliable protection from rainy and especially sunny days.



Planar Magnetic

Driver Unit

80 mm

Frequency Response

10 – 55000 Hz


99 dB / 1 V


43 Ohm ± 5%

Cord length

High quality 2 meters length detachable cable made from OFC wires is terminated with high quality gold plated 6.3 mm TRS connector

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