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Monitor intrauditivo Kinera Mount Nanna 2.0

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Kinera - Nanna

Especificaciones técnicas:-

  • Configuración híbrida de cuatro controladores, incluido un controlador dinámico de 7 mm, un controlador de armadura equilibrada y dos controladores electrostáticos.
  • Sensibilidad: 110dB a 1mW
  • Respuesta de frecuencia: 5Hz-50kHz
  • Conector: 3,5 mm/6,35 mm
  • Rango de respuesta de frecuencia: 5-50 KHz
  • Distorsión: <0.8%
  • Impedancia: 60Ω
  • Longitud del Cable: 1,2 m
  • Alambre de cobre del conector desmontable de 2 pines y 0,78 mm

Calidad de sonido brillante: -

El Kinera Nanna tiene una configuración híbrida de cuatro controladores que produce una salida de sonido excepcional y brillante con una firma de sonido neutral.

Firma de sonido neutral: -

Con una afinación sobresaliente, Kinera Nanna tiene una firma de sonido increíble y neutral, con medios cálidos y naturales.

No hay picos en la afinación, será adecuado para películas y sesiones de música más largas, ya que sonará suave y relajante.

Con la ayuda de Dynamic Driver, el bajo es bueno y retumbante, la armadura equilibrada y los controladores electrostáticos juntos aseguran que haya medios naturales y una respuesta de agudos suave sin picos.

Extensiones en el extremo inferior y superior: -

La configuración del controlador proporciona buenas extensiones en el extremo inferior y superior, proporcionando buenos bajos rápidos y detalles de instrumentos suaves.

Alambre trenzado de cobre puro: -

El Kinera Nanna viene con un cable trenzado de cobre puro que brinda una reproducción de sonido suave y también garantiza un escenario de sonido nítido y amplio que termina en un conector de 3,5 mm.

El cable utiliza un tipo de conector de 2 pines de 0,78 mm.

Calidad de construcción ergonómica: -

Entonces, los auriculares de Kinera Nanna están bien construidos con placas frontales cubiertas de resina, que tienen un diseño muy ergonómico y brindan el mejor ajuste.

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Monitor intrauditivo Kinera Mount Nanna 2.0

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United States United States

Probably My End Game

These IEMs are excellent in every way. I actually bought an open box set from Audio46 and they were delivered extremely fast and in like new condition. I could reiterate what other reviews have offered but I must say these are probably my end game. I had another set of IEMs that were about the same price but the fit and comfort just didn't work for me. OK, it was the Thieaudio Clairvoyance. I loved the sound of them but they were just too uncomfortable regardless of the numerous tips I tried. The Kinera Nanna 2.0 are way more comfortable and sound just as good if not better. They have great sub bass and the mids are detailed but not overly done. Highs are also very detailed but not sibilant at all. I generally prefer a mild V sound profile and these are about as good as it gets. I did replace the cable with another one I had on hand not because the original cable was inferior but I wanted to take advantage of a 4.4mm connector that allows for more power from my DAPs. The OG cable is actually pretty nice but it's a single ended connector and these IEMs really benefit from a more powerful balanced output. Although the tips provided were sufficient I also happened to have a variety of aftermarket tips that I prefer because I can use different colors for right and left. Bottom line is that I am thrilled with the product and the service from Audio46. Thank You!

John H.
United States United States

Kinera Nanna 2.0

Fantastic iem! Very balanced sound with excellent clarity and instrument separation. It also has that holographic experience with certain tracks. Super comfortable for long sessions, non-fatiguing, and the shells are even better looking in person. Competes with the other high end sets I've heard. Highly recommend!

Joseph R.
United States United States

Great IEM

Comfortable fit. Final tips are great. Sound quality is excellent.


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