Best Bluetooth Headphones

by: Russell Huq
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Best Bluetooth Headphones

Currently all the rage, there are a wide array of Bluetooth headphones.  But when it comes to selecting a pair, which are the best Bluetooth headphones?  Here at Audio46, we’ve compiled a brief yet accurate list of what we think are the ten best Bluetooth headphones.  And since “best” is such a broad and vague term, we will give you the skinny on just why the headphones made this list.

In-Ear Headphones:

1.)  JaybBird BluBuds X – $129.00

Less expensive than some of the brand name in-ear Bluetooth models out there, the BluBuds X are decent quality at a decent price.  They are well-known among lots of people, so rectifying problems with the headphones isn’t hard to do, provided you can approach someone who already owns a pair.  The biggest downside to owning these headphones:  some users experience quality control problems, with shorting wires that don’t hold up to certain exercise routines.

Why it made the list:  Easy to find, decent price, and okay sound.  Better than most cheaper or more expensive models.


2.)  MEElectronics X7 Sport-Fi – $79.99

Built like a tank and less expensive than even the much-vaunted Bluebuds X, the X7 Sport-Fi may just be the final word in economically-priced in-ear Bluetooth headphones.  They sound decent, with good bass for intense workouts.  However, the pairing mode is a little different than what most users may be accustomed to, and the brand is not as well-recognized.  However, for in-ear Bluetooth on a budget, this is the way to go.

Why it made the list:  Best balance of price and quality for in-ear Bluetooth.

Over-Ear and On-Ear Headphones:  


3.)   Rhythmz Blu HD (over-ear) – $89.00

Perhaps the cheapest headphone to make our list, let this headphone form the basic offering for those seeking passable quality at bargain-basement prices.  It’s cheap, it’s simple, and it sounds…alright.  There’s some good bass to it, and a light, portable design to boot.  A nice touch-gesture control mechanism allows you to wag your finger next to one earpiece to change tracks, raise or lower volume, and pause or play the current track.  The only down side to these headphones is that cheap construction, which can lead to problems quicker than most other headphones.

Why it made the list:  Basic functionality at the cheapest possible price.


4.)  MEElectronics Matrix2 (over-ear) – $89.99

One of our absolute favorite headphones, and arguably one of the best Bluetooth headphones currently on the market, the Matrix2 offers okay sound with good bass and a solid build that won’t quit.  It’s also fairly portable, and comes with a semi-hardshell case for travel.  You can use these wired or wireless, and once you get past the quirky pairing mode (the only negative things we can say about them), you’re good to go for ages to come.

Why it made the list:  Best balance of sound and quality for anyone on a budget.  


5.)  Jabra Halo2 (on-ear) – $99.99

A sleek and stylish design that doesn’t slouch when it comes to sound, the Halo2 is an iconic headphone you will immediately recognize.  This is due in no small part to the number of copies that exist out there, from the more-expensive-but-less-awesome imitation from Tuis, or even the near-same version from MEElectronics.  If quality and style is your end-goal, this may be the spiffy new headphone you’ve been looking for.

Why it made the list:  Great quality and stylish design.  


6.)  Beats by Dre Solo2 Wireless (over-ear) – $259.00

This headphone made our list for one major reason:  style.  The audio quality is okay, and the pairing is okay, but you can get both at the same quality for less money from just about any manufacturer.  However, few brands are as well-known as Beats by Dre, and the myriad array of colors lets you choose the headphone that best compliments your wardrobe.  Not to mention the money-to-burn vibe these headphones give off.

Why it made the list:  “Fashion”.


7.)  Sol Republic Tracks AIR (on-ear) – $199.99

Less expensive than Beats, but with better bass and even some mids and highs, the Tracks AIR aren’t bad at all…for an on-ear headphone.  Here the build quality borders on exceptional, with the headphone cans completely removable from the headband itself.  This doesn’t just mean you can replace a single part if it breaks or wears down, but you can buy more than one headband and switch them out whenever you feel like it.  Bluetooth pairing is a piece of cake, too, thanks to a partnership with Motorola.

Why it made the list:  All-in-one headphone that beats most competitors.


8.)  Sennheiser Urbanite Wireless (over-ear) – $249.00

Most of our friends who try this headphone immediately see the difference.  And, if you’re anything of a basshead, you will love the sound.  With just the right amount of bass, they sound a little like more expensive mainstream brands without the hype and with better build quality.  Plus. they are comfortable as all get-out, and the lack of constantly throbbing bass means less headaches.

Why it made the list:  Quality build and the best-sounding bass in Bluetooth headphones.


9.) Sennheiser MM450-x (on-ear) – $349.00

The perfect Bluetooth headphone for travelers, this headphone features Sennheiser’s active NoiseGuard2.0 noise-cancellation technology, as well as an easy pairing experience.  Extra controls on the headphone itself – and the ability to wear this wired – offer obvious benefits.  But it’s the inclusion of all of these features in a portable, quality package that make this headphone a slam dunk and a home run rolled into one.

Why it made the list:  Best headphone for Bluetooth and Noise Cancellation. Period.


10.)  Sennheiser Momentum Wireless (over-ear) – $499.00

The clincher of the best Bluetooth headphones far and wide, the Momentum Wireless sounds like a dream and looks like one too.  We didn’t notice any significant difference between using this headphone wired or wirelessly, so if you’re the kind to fret over such things, put those fears to bed.  The quality and attention to detail is what you’d expect from Sennheiser – top notch and upheld by their standard 2-year warranty.  The only unpleasant thing we can say about this headphone is the price, which although more than fair for the quality, may seem too steep to some.

Why it made the list:  Best sound in a Bluetooth headphone ever.  

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