Grado Headphones

Audio46 is an authorized retailer of Grado Labs’ full headphone lineup – hand-made in a Brooklyn Townhouse and family owned and operated for the past sixty years.  Although the neighborhood and the headphone market have changed in those years, Grado headphones still command a high level of prestige among audiophiles and audio professionals, as well as any jazz fan.

Built to a rigorous standard of audio quality, and hand-assembled by American craftsmen, Grado headphones are unique in appearance, with a classic retro design, premium materials, and an almost heavenly level of comfort. Their wide range of audiophile headphones is well noted for many price-conscious options that offer astounding audio at prices anyone can afford. Live chat now or call us (212) 354 -6424 during store hours if you need expert help.

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Grado - SR80e Headphones
Regular price $99.00
Grado GT220 TWS Earphones
Regular price $259.00
Grado - SR125e Headphones
Regular price $150.00
Grado - SR225e Headphones
Regular price $200.00
Grado - RS1e Reference Headphones
Regular price $695.00
Grado - GR8e In-Ear Headphones
Regular price $299.00

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