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Each product is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. The complete warranty is included with the product. The manufacturer’s warranty covers repair or replacement of defective parts, subject to the conditions set by the manufacturer.

For your shopping convenience we have compiled links to various manufacturer’s warranty agreements for your review.

Please note: Audio46 is not responsible for international warranty cases.

Simply click on the Brand’s name in the first column, to see their full warranty

Brand With links to waranty info Warranty Additional Information
 AIAIAI  2 years  TMA-1 TMA-2 (3years)
 AUDEZE  3 years Planner 1 Year on Headphone with BT
 AKG  2 years
 BANG & OLUFSEN  2 years
 BEATS BY DRE  1 year
 BEYERDYNAMIC  2 years  T-1 2nd Gen / T-5p 2nd gen 5 year / international Authorized Repair Facility 
 CHORD  1 year
 ETYMOTIC  1 year  ER4XR / ER4SR 2 years
 FINAL AUDIO  1 year
 FIIO  1 month – 1 year  1 month replacement 1 year maintenance
 FOCAL  1 year USA Only
 FOSTEX  1 year USA Only
 GRADO  1 year USA only
 HIFIMAN  1 year  HE1000 3 years
 IFROGZ  1 year
 ILUV  1 year  90 days (labor/parts) 1 year Parts USA / Canada
 JAYBIRD  1 year  Limited European Warranty
 JAYS  2 years  2 years earphones / 1year cables & connectors / 6 months accessories
 JBL  1 year 5 years for any non-powered speakers
 KLIPSCH  1 year
 MANHATTAN  lifetime  Limited Lifetime
 MOTOROLA  1 year
 PLUGGED INC.  1 year
 PSB  2 year
 QFX  1 year  USA Only
 RHA 30 days – 3 years
 SENNHEISER  2 years international  HD 800 S  5 years / international
 SMS  1 year
 SONY  3 months -1 year
 STEELSERIES  1 year  Usa only
 SUPERLUX  2 years
 SHURE  2 years
 WESTONE 2 years

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