Shipping & Taxes


Please note Audio46 ships all orders from the United States. Special Orders may originate from manufacturers located outside the US.

Certain items may be too large to ship, such as turntables and large Bluetooth speakers. Consequently, certain items are sold exclusively in-store.

  • Purchases made Monday – Friday before 4:30 pm (Eastern Time) will be processed the same day
  • Purchases made Friday after 4:30 pm (Eastern Time) and on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) will be processed the following Monday
  • Please be aware that any order over $200 may require a signature as proof of delivery. Audio46 cannot waive signatures on merchandise due to incidents of fraud

Free Shipping in the US

  • All of our products qualify for free shipping within the United States (and Puerto Rico)
  • There is no minimum purchase required for our free shipping
  • Purchases of $100 or more qualify for expedited 2-3 business day shipping
  • Select items qualify for free 2nd day shipping

FedEx SameDay® Delivery

Audio46 has partnered with FedEx to offer FedEx SameDay® City shipping within select ZIP codes of the NYC area.

Available 7 am–8 pm Monday–Friday (excluding holidays)

  • Delivery by uniformed FedEx couriers in branded vehicles
  • Service backed by the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee
  • Innovative tracking that enables FedEx to see where your delivery vehicle is moment to moment, mile by mile, block by block

Contact us for FedEx SameDay® rates & delivery times
Phone: 212-354-6424

International Shipping

(Scroll to bottom of page for International taxes)

*Due to Federal Law, we may be unable to ship certain items that contain Lithium batteries to international destinations.*

Please see our restrictions page for restrictions on international shipping.

*Puedes leer las restricciones en Español aquí

All international orders that do not come from Latin America are subject to a $49.99, or $99.99 shipping fee, with a 2-8 week time depending on the country and customs processing.

    Please check with your local government for more information.

    Delayed Shipping

    During Federally Recognized Holidays, shipping may be subject to delays. If Audio46 is closed to observe a holiday, any orders placed on that holiday will ship the following business day. If an order is placed and the total is below $100, it will ship via USPS.  USPS observes ALL federal holidays. If an order is in transit during the a federal holiday, it may be subject to delay as well.

    When a federal holiday falls on a Saturday, it is usually observed on the preceding Friday. When the holiday falls on a Sunday, USPS usually observes it on the following Monday. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

    Federally Recognized Holidays

    New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day. *Presidential Inaugurations, are also considered federally observed holidays.*

    Lost / Damaged Orders

    Audio46 will do everything in its power to see that your items are delivered correctly and in perfect condition. We will work with you in the event of a shipping issue. If you believe there has been a shipping error or other problem with your order, please contact us.

    Rescission Of Sale

    All non-shipped orders can be canceled and refunded. Shipped orders cannot be canceled. Please contact immediately if you would like to cancel your order. We reserve the right to cancel any order if it has not shipped yet due to inventory discrepancies, quality control, typographical errors, manufacturer restrictions, or payment-processing issues.

    Taxes and Fees

    Tax Exemption

    The amount of tax charged for your order depends upon many factors, including:

    • The identity and location of the seller
    • The location of the approval
    • The type of item purchased
    • The destination of the shipment

    Estimated Taxes

    All orders shipped in New York State must add 8.875% sales tax with the price of the item(s) purchased.

    *Please Note: If you reside in New York and you do not see the sales tax added to your order total before completion of your order please call us at (212) 354-1341 to verify. Sales tax will be included in your purchase if shipped to New York State.

    Many factors can change between the time you place an order and the time your order is shipped. Therefore, the amount appearing on your order as “Estimated Tax” may differ from the sales taxes ultimately charged.

    How Sales Tax Is Calculated

    If an item is subject to sales or use tax in the state to which it is shipped, tax is generally calculated on its total selling price. In accordance with state tax laws, the total selling price of an item generally includes item-level shipping / handling charges, discounts / gift-wrap charges, and an allocation of order-level shipping and handling charges / discounts.

    The tax rate applied to your order will generally be the combined state and local rate for the address where your order is approved or shipped. Therefore, fees associated with shipping & handling may vary.

    International Shipping Fees & Taxes

    Please Note: by law we are required to declare the actual purchase price of all items in your order. We cannot declare your purchase a gift or at any other amount less than the actual purchase price.

    *Puedes leer las restricciones en Español aquí

    International purchases are subject to any additional fees dictated by the country receiving the package, and the international carrier. These charges will be born by the consumer unless listed below.

    As of Feb 2020, the following duties, taxes, and fees are included in the shipping price (we apologize in advance for the high rates, we do not control the numbers set by that country):

    Argentina = 45%
    Australia = 10%
    Brazil = 100%
    Canada = 5%
    Chile = 30%
    China* = 17%
    Colombia = 20%
    France = 21%
    Germany = 21%
    Great Britain = 21% + $10 USD
    India = 45%
    Indonesia = 10%
    Ireland = 24% (Northern Ireland = 21% + $10 USD)
    Italy = 24%
    Japan = 8%
    Korea = 20%
    Mexico = 17%
    Netherlands = 23%
    Peru = 26%
    Philippines = 12%
    Poland = 36%
    Russia = 21%
    Scotland = 21% + $10 USD
    Singapore = 8%
    Spain = 22%
    Sweden = 27%
    Turkey = 21%

    *excluding Hong Kong, which has no added taxes/duties


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