Amplifiers and Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs)

Headphone amplifiers are a headphone lovers best friend. Designed to deliver audiophile quality sound in a much smaller form factor than a traditional home stereo amplifier. Headphone amps as their name suggests are designed specifically to power headphones vs a loudspeaker. Listen to your music like you’ve never heard it before with one of our compact portable headphone amps. Live chat now, email our experts or call us (212) 354 -6424 during store hours if you need help.
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iFi - micro iDSD Signature DAC/Amp
$649.00 Regular price $749.00
Questyle - M12 Portable DAC/Amp
Regular price $139.00
iFi - micro iDSD Diablo DAC/amp
Regular price $999.00
FiiO - KA3 USB Amp/DAC
Regular price $89.99
iFi - ZEN CAN Headphone Amplifier
Regular price $199.00
iFi - GO bar Portable DAC/amp
Regular price $329.00
FiiO - KA1 USB Amp/DAC
$49.99 - $54.99
iFi - Pro iDSD 4.4 DAC and Amplifier
Regular price $2,749.00
Chord Electronics - HUGO M Scaler
Regular price $5,650.00


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