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Audio46 is proud to be an authorized dealer of Shure Headphones. Built around a no-nonsense design and excellent sound reproduction, Shure is a household name when it comes to audio fidelity. While Shure headphones come in over-ear and in-ear designs, the latter takes the forefront in terms of consumer recognition, with the distinctive around-the-ear design being all but synonymous with the brand.

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Shure - SM7B Vocal Microphone
Regular price $399.00
Shure - SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
$89.00 $99.00 -
$109.00 $104.00
Regular price
Shure - KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System
$1,999.00 Regular price $2,499.00
Shure - HPACA1 Replacement Cable
Regular price $20.00
Shure - SM86 Vocal Microphone
Regular price $189.00
Shure - MV7X Podcast Microphone
Regular price $179.00
Shure - SV200 Vocal Microphone
$33.99 Regular price $37.99

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