CES New Tech: Top 10 Hot New Products for 2016 Unveiled at CES

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CES New Tech: Top 10 Hot New Products for 2016 Unveiled at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show just wrapped in Las Vegas debuting everything and anything your mind could imagine. We’re talking roll-up television sets to human carrying drones. Nuts right? So we scoured high and low to compile a list of some of the hottest and most feasible products that you will actually be able to get your hands on later this year (well most of them you’ll be able to) if they aren’t for sale already.



Taking us back to the future, vinyl made its way to the CES showroom with Sony unveiling an audiophile friendly turntable that truly set itself apart. Sony’s PS-HX 500 not only plays vinyl, but when plugged into a computer, converts the record into hi-res audio files, perfect for playback while on the go. The files will import to your computer as Sony’s own D-S-D format or as 24-bit WAV files. The minimalist-style record player comes with a mobile app and desktop software so you can also edit your music. The PS-HX 500 will be available in Spring for a rumored price of $400.

Virtual Reality – Oculus Rift vs. HTC Vive

Hands down virtual reality was one of the major talks of the showcase and it’s definitely one of the coolest items.  Among the most arresting products featured in our list of of CES New Tech, interactive technology may be the most futuristic, and is here to transform your living room into a completely different universe. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are two major competitors right now. By comparison, the HTC Vive is set-up to give users more physical space to move around while playing – alotting for a room wide scale rather than a few feet on a pad offered by Oculus Rift. HTC’s headset features a front-facing camera which creates an iridiescent image of an item you’ve come too close to in reality… bascially making sure you dont walk into any walls. The Vive will be available for pre-order on February 29th before going on sale in April. No word on the price tag just yet, but its anticipated to be a hefty penny, since the Oculus Rift, which lacks this feature, is running for a whopping six hundred dollars! The Oculus Rift is already available for pre-order. It’ll begin shipping out to original Kickstarter backers in March and everyone else in June. Personally, it seems like the downside to VR will be the price. It sounds like it is going to be a pretty expensive experience overall with gaming PCs marked around $900.

LG Signature G6 OLED TV

If you’d rather keep to a 2-D lifestyle there were some major advacements in the world of television with buzz words like HDR, OLED, 4K and 8K being thrown around at the showcase. One of our faves was LG’s G6, an incredibly thin television with 4K and HDR compatability. As an OLED TV, the G6 is able to reach the deepest levels of blacks as well as display rich color. Thanks to its picture-on-glass build technology, the TV set is super model thin at 2.5mm. That is slimmer than my iPhone 6, just saying! The TV stand designed by Harmon Kardon doubles as a sound bar. The G6 can be mounted to a wall, and the sound bar placed along with it so it still projects front-facing audio. The G6 comes in 65 and 77 inch sizes. Unfortunately, there arent any clear release dates as yet. We’re praying for a two thousand sixteen date because this TV def looks like something I could watch all day.

Samsung’s Family Hub Smart  Fridge

That being said a stocked fridge would be a must and CES was nowhere short of making sure your fridge could now do that for you. Samsung’s Family Hub Smart Fridge uses a set of cameras positioned inside to keep track of what items are running low. It also monitors how long an item has been inside and may be on the verge of spoiling. The fridge features a 21.5 inch display on the door, which can be used to order groceries, display recipes, as well as play music, report the weather, and watch TV – super great for large families or chefs. The Family Hub is said to ship in Spring although the price is TBA.

LG Signature Washer Machine w/Dual Washer & Dryer Features

The internet of things has also moved onto laundry as LG’s new washer and dryer system features a dual washing compartment so you can get two loads done simultaneously. The unit also operates as a dryer without you having to transfer your clothes. It also features an auto-detergent dispenser to release the correct amount of soap for every load. This unit is definitely out to simplify one of life’s most tedious chores, so for more reasons than one, this washer-dryer combo made our CES New Tech list. Unfortunately, there is not a definitive date or price on the new unit.

OMbra – OMsignal’s Biometric Sports Bra

For fitness buffs, OMsignal has created a biometric sports bra that takes your vitals as you work out. The bra is synced to a phone app that monitors the distance you’ve ran, your heart rate, and even breathing to help you develop a more productive rhythm to your workout. Cool! In addition, the garment measures fatigue. And remaining true to…well,a bra … the sporty undergarment was designed to offer maximum support while reducing stress on the back. It’s comprised of a lightweight, stretchable polyester, nylon and elastane blend. The material allows the bra to re-shape itself around the wearer’s body as they exercise. The racerback style also helps prevent the straps from slipping down shoulders, or the back of the bra from riding up. The smart bra will available this Spring, but the company urges signing up for early access to place an order, as there will be limited quantities available.

BoomCloud 360 Boomstick

Workouts aren’t complete without a nice mix to keep you going. BoomCloud is making sure that wherever you are and whatever you are doing you can hear the best audio possible. Their new BoomStick is a portable DAC that uses algorithms to enhance the sound of anything it’s plugged into. The super small device has a fourteen hour battery life and can recharge via micro USB. Interested users can actually try out a virtual BoomStick on BoomCloud 360’s website. The bite-size DAC is available for pre-order at $99. Orders placed in January will ship in March.

Nikon KeyMission 360 Camera

Taking extreme sports coverage to new heights, Nikon has created a GoPro like camera that captures photo and video in a 360 degree view. Need we say more about this sweet camera topping our CES New Tech top ten? The KeyMission 360 camera is 4K and built to last. It can be submerged up to 100 feet in water and withstand low temperatures. It’s also shock and dust proof. The camera definitely provides a feasible and innovative way to capture an entire environment. On KeyMission’s YouTube page there are interactive videos that show the depth and expanse of the camera. It’s pretty cool. Def a game changer! The KeyMission 360 is expected to retail in mid-2016.

Ili Wearable Translator

For world travelers a wearable, portable translator could be of use for you. Ili’s USB sized translator translates a conversation in real time. Users just touch to talk and it translates the message. Ili doesn’t use WiFi, 3G or an internet connection to operate so it can be used anywhere, anytime. It currently translates English, Japanese, and Chinese. Future versions will include French, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Korean, and Italian. Ili will be available this Summer.

Chevrolet – Chevy Bolt EV

And those of you looking for some new wheels, the Chevy Bolt is here! It’s an all-electric Sedan promising a 200 mile range on a full charge. The Bolt’s battery is said to operate at optimum temperature which results in solid battery life performance. The battery is under an eight year, 100,000 miles warranty. The car features a 10.2 inch touchscreen display and acts as a WiFi hotspot. Each driver is able to customize settings within the vehicle, which can then be recognized by the car once the driver’s smartphone is in Bluetooth range. Eventually, the five-seater will also be able to project an accurate driving range by factoring in such information as driving habits, time of day, topology, and weather. The Bolt is said to go into production by the end of 2016 and hit the market in 2017 for the low cost of $30,000 after taxes. The price and mileage alone are a pretty good reason to top our top ten CES New Tech list.
CES definitely featured a little something for everybody this year. Be sure to check out our top ten gadgets video here which features a closer look at the products above.

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