Fashion in Headphones: A Brief History

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Fashion in Headphones: A Brief History

Headphones have become more than just a practical way to listen to music privately. They have become an integral part of fashion and expression in the 21st century. Originally developed in the 1930s, the headphones were just a way to communicate for telephone operators and members in the Navy. It wasn’t until the 1950s that they were developed for radio and people listening to music. They were never designed to be fashionable but were created for practicality.

As more people bought them to listen to their music, the fashion moved from bulky to something that could easily be placed in the ears. They were light to carry around and meant most people could enjoy their music without the sound of people around them. However, as aesthetic appeal became important for the portable music devices, so did fashion in headphones.

Brands that are endorsed by the celebrities are now important. People want to show off their style and personal tastes, the way that they do with their clothes and their music. This has led to many of the popular systems and headphones becoming a popular product to promote in the Sound and Vision Magazine, along with other literature.

Brands of Fashion Headphones

Beats by Dre are one of the most well-known brands of headphones around the world. They not only show off style, but they offer the quality that people expect for their money. The headphones are lightweight, despite being large, and they help to block out the background noise with the rubber that sits around the outside of the headphones – also adding to comfort.

SOL Republic, similar to Beats by Dre, offer larger but lightweight headphones that cover the whole ears. The rubber outing offers comfort while blocking out the background noise so users can enjoy their music.

SMS headphones are another option and a brand that also takes its reputation seriously. These headphones are endorsed by the likes of 50 Cent and Timberland because of the ability to make the bass stand out, through the THUMPPTM enhancement. They come in a variety of bright colours, from pinks to yellows, to suit different consumer needs. Fashion headphones not only help people stand out, they offer the quality that they people expect for their money. The sound is in high definition with wired and wireless options.

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