Pets with Headphones

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Pets with Headphones

Audio46 is pleased to announce Casey Jones is the Winner of our Pets With Headphones Contest.


Sammi with Sony MDR-7506 by Jason K.

Penny With her owner Svetlana G.


Casey Jones With RCA headohones by Charice W.


Contest Submission: Baloo with Pioneer HDJ500
by Jonathan P.

Rufino  with ATL Madrid Headphones
by Pepo

Yacko with Thompson Headphones
By, Xavier F.

Balto with OPPO PM2
By, Philip W

Hunter With JBL
By, Daniel

Ais with Sony MDR-RF 800R
By, Fernando O

Caiper With Audio-technica MSR7
By, Martin A.

Chantal With Panasonic RP-HTX7
By, Alex G

Emilio With Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
By, Simone K.

Tripita With Audio-Technica MSR7
By, Martin A

“DJ Juno” With Sennheiser By Omar L.

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