Why Beats By Dre Are Banned At The World Cup

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Why Beats By Dre Are Banned At The World Cup

So the question on everyone’s mind today seem to be the big neas with Beats By Dre and the question of why beats by dre are banned at the world cup. Unless you have been under a rock recently, you’d have heard that the world Cup is going on now, and tons of high profile brands jockeying for position in your line of sight during the festivities, one major brand is left out in the cold for licencing reasons.  Who might this be? You guessed it…Beats by Dre are reported to be banned from all FIFA games, and official press events. All players will have to remove their beloved Beats by Dre’s when in the stadium for games.

The licencing conflict involves another favorite brand around here, Sony who IS an official sponsor this year, even outfitting all the players on all the teams with their own fancy Sony headphones. Many still preferred their beats. To be totally honest…soccer players must not have that discerning an ear!

While the headphone Juggernaut Beats, recently acquired by apple, isn’t officially part of the pitch for this years licencing, they do essentially have walking endorsements in the form of top players  like Brazil’s Neymar and Uruguay’s Luis Suárez who regularly wear beats during training sessions. They even got many of this years top players to play along in this FIVE minute commercial recently released by Beats.

While details are unclear as to why beats would go to the extent of producing such a commercial with the hopes of some real publicity during the Cup, without securing official sponsorship, it may just be because they don’t have to waist the money…they already have all the players in their back pocket! It’s also unclear as to how many of these players are being compensated to use and endorse beats outside of FIFA’s reach.

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