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Cayin - N6ii Replaceable Audio Motherboard R01 BLACK - Discontinued

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Any mention of "us," "we," "our," etc is by Cayin, not Audio46

R01 Audio Motherboard, our first R-2R implementation
N6ii-Ti (R-2R Titanium Limited Edition)

We describe the Audio Motherboard concept as "Unlimited Possibilities". With the inclusion of the R01 Audio Motherboard, we believe the N6ii platform delivers all the expectations when we announced N6ii back in 2019.

R-2R Implementation in R01

The digital audio section of R01 Audio Motherboard DAC circuitry can be divided into four subsystems:

  1. Digital Audio Bridge: receive different formats from source (aka N6ii FPGA), be it DSD or PCM in different sample rate, go through high precision signal enhancement, output to DSP filter.
  2. Oversampling Interpolation Filter: convert all digital audio signal to left and right channel of 24Bit/768kHz serial audio data signal
  3. Serial to Parallel Shift Register : convert serial data signal to parallel data signal and transmit to DAC circuit
  4. 24-Bit Discrete R-2R Precision DAC: convert digital audio signal to analog audio signal through a high precision R-2R Resistive Ladder Network.

R01 Battery Duration


  • Single-ended Phone Out: ~12.5 hours
  • Balanced Phone Out: 11 hours

Test Condition

WiFi, Bluetooth and screen turned off, Mid Gain at Vol 30, play music files of 16bit/44.1kHz wav format with a 32Ω load 

R01 Headphone Output

4.4mm Balanced 3.5mm Single-ended
Power rating 430mW (@32Ω) 240mW (@32Ω)
Freq. Response 10Hz-30kHz (+0.2dB, Fs=192kHz)
3Hz-80kHz (+3dB, FS=192kHz)
THD+N 0.004% (1kHz,Fs=44.1kHz; 20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)
Dynamic Range 113dB (1kHz,FS=192kHz/24bit;20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)
SNR 115dB (1kHz,Fs=192kHz/24bit;20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)
Digital Filters Sharp Roll-Off
Slow Roll-Off
Channel Separation 92dB (1kHz; @32Ω) 78dB (1kHz; @32Ω)
Output Impedance 0.68Ω (@32Ω) 0.45Ω (@32Ω)

PS: The specification is measured with R01 in Cayin N6ii

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Cayin - N6ii Replaceable Audio Motherboard R01 BLACK - Discontinued


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