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DD ddHiFi TC35 Pro (Mountain) 3.5mm DAC & AMP Adapter (Open Box) - Discontinued

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TC35 Pro (Mountain)

Compact but extremely powerful

If you are looking for an independent headphone Amp and DAC to support up to 768kHz and to be as compact as possible, then look no further than this Mountain - one of the TC35 Pro series.

ddHiFi original T-shaped design

It continues the original T-shaped design, but the challenge this time is how to make the shell even thinner, while still allows us to put in either the TypeC or the Lightning plug.

All-New Powerful Decoding Chip

It adopts the ES9281AC PRO from ESS company as the decoding chip.

Sampling rates: Support up to 32bit / 768kHz
Native DSD: Support up to DSD512
SNR: -118dB

RGB Indicator Light

In addition to indicating the On and Off status*, it can also identify different sampling rates of files with different colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, white, and magenta.

*The indicator light will flash blue, green and red alternatively after being inserted to the phone, but it only works when the earphone is plugged in. The indicator light will be on steady when playing music.

red → PCM 44.1kHz/48kHz
blue → PCM 88kHz-384kHz
green → PCM 705kHz-768kHz
yellow → DOP (DSD over PCM)
white → DSD Native
magenta → MQA 


MQA official certification.

MQA enabled renderer that will complete the final unfold of an MQA file. The LED glows magenta to indicate that the unit is rendering an MQA stream or file. This delivers the final unfold of the MQA file.

Auto Detect Headphone Impedance

Before use, please insert the earphone to the TC35 Pro first and then connect it to your phone. In this way, the device will automatically detect the headphone's impedance and switch between Low Gain and High Gain modes. For instance, when high impedance is detected, it will then switch to High Gain mode to output.

Why is it called 'Mountain ?

This powerful decoding adapter TC35 Pro adopts the design language of the arc surface transition. It looks like a mountain, but has a thinner shape, allowing the earphone socket to be placed in the center. It supports remote control, microphone, and MQA. It's definitely a HiFi level decoding product with well-controlled size.


TC35 Pro (Mountain): Transform the TypeC or Lightning on your phone to 3.5mm output.

  • DAC chip: ES9281AC PRO
  • Jack: 3.5mm (support remote control and microphone* CTIA standard)
    *The Lightning version supports in-line remote control, play / pause and next / previous track, but does not support microphone and answering phone calls
  • Frequency response: 0.032dB@20Hz-40kHz
  • Output power: ≥30mW (16Ω); ≥62mW (32Ω); ≥7mW (600Ω)
  • SNR: -118dB
  • THD+N: 0.0004%
  • Sampling rates: Supports up to 32bit/768kHz
  • Native DSD: Supports up to DSD512
  • Weight: 5.69
  • Dimensions (excl. the plug): 28 x 22 x 8mm

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DD ddHiFi TC35 Pro (Mountain) 3.5mm DAC & AMP Adapter (Open Box) - Discontinued


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