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Etymotic - ETY Kids 5 In‑Ear Earphones with Hu's Hoo and The Zoo Book/CD Bundle - Discontinued


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Product Details

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  • Includes a copy of Hu’s Hoo & The Zoo book and 11 Song CD
  • Parent Tested Parent Approved Award
  • Will not exceed safe listening levels
  • High gloss finish

It's about children.
It's about hearing for a lifetime.

Today's tech-connected kids live in a high-def world. They experience Blu-ray, surround-sound, life-like computer graphics and 3-D movies. They are bombarded by sound from television, toys, game consoles, music players and in-vehicle entertainment systems.

ETY•Kids safe-listening earphones are engineered for safe sound output while maintaining Etymotic's exceptional sound quality. By controlling earphone sensitivity, it is not necessary to restrict the volume setting on the player.

Sound heard through ETY•Kids earphones will not exceed safe levels, so parents can rest easy. Even at the maximum volume setting on portable players, kids can listen safely for up to four hours per day. And because ETY•Kids earphones block background noise, and provide high-definition sound quality, kids will be able to hear every detail, and won't complain that the volume is too low.

Hu's Hoo?

Hu's Hoo & The Zoo is a five member singing group who perform original music in a variety of styles including rock, pop, country, Latin, and R&B. Their story is one of an animal band and their quest for fame and fortune.


  • For ages 4 and anyone overly sensitive to loud sound
  • Engineered for safe sound output*
  • High-definition sound experience
  • ACCU•Fit eartips ensure a good fit in small ear
  • CUSTOM•FIT option

*Assuming 4 hours or less per day listening at full volume.

What Can Parents Do?

Parents choose gear for young children. Many parents understand the importance of limiting sound levels and exposure time, but most are unsure how to manage their kids’ listening. While children are young, one thing parents can influence is the kind of earphones kids use with their portable players. Stock earbuds supplied with portable devices can produce damaging levels of sound.

The main reason listeners of all ages turn up the volume is to block out distracting background noise. ETY•Kids earphones seal the ears so volume levels stay safer. With an adequate seal plus the safe sound output of ETY•Kids earphones, parents are assured their kids are listening safely.

Additional Features

  • Engineered for safe sound output
  • Neodymium moving coil driver with ACCU•Chamber Technology
  • Kevlar®-reinforced cable for durability
  • High-gloss finish


  • Driver Type: Moving Coil with ACCU•Chamber Technology
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 15kHz
  • Noise Isolation: 98% (36-42 dB)

In the Box

  • ETY•Kids earphones
  • Assortment of ACCU•Fit™ ear tips
  • Pouch
  • Hu's Hoo & The Zoo Book/CD

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Etymotic - ETY Kids 5 In‑Ear Earphones with Hu's Hoo and The Zoo Book/CD Bundle - Discontinued


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