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Product Details

↓ Details provided by FiiO

FiiO / Jade Audio KA3
Small USB DAC and Amplifier

Optimized HiFi audio architecture | Independent flagship DAC
32Bit/768kHz DSD512 robust capacity | 3.5+4.4 dual headphone outputs

Creating a better headphone jack in their absence

With most phones now foregoing a headphone jack, we felt compelled to create a headphone jack to truly bring back great sound.

Tremendous performance in a slim package

Within the KA3's petite frame lies exceptional hardware.

Optimized and enhanced HiFi audio architecture

Experience uncompromised audio quality with a carefully engineered multi-chip audio circuit.

High-performance flagship DAC

Potently robust Dual headphone outputs

Comes equipped with 2 headphone outputs, both powerful to easily drive a variety of headphones.

32BIT/768KHZ | DSD512

Low noise floor Clean sound for a great sound

Featuring abundant power with high signal-to-noise ratio, low distortion, and almost 0 noise - this is true high-fidelity sound.

>122DB SNR
<0.0008% THD+N
<1.7UV Noise

Have it all Dual SE and balanced outputs

Satisfy multiple use cases with both a 3.5mm single-ended and a 4.4mm balanced output.

Wonderfully versatile Anywhere, anytime

Compatible with various OSes like Android/iOS/Windows/Mac

Compatible with many devices like phones/tablets/computers/ audio players

Use in various scenarios like listening when commuting, in the home or office, or even gaming

*Due to the large output power of the KA3 and limited external power supply of iPhones, stutter and muteness may happen to the maximum volume.

* For Windows systems, please install the driver first.

Stunningly suave All-metal construction

The all-metal body sports a handsomely rugged design with distinct edges and a luxurious gold and black finish.

Practical and beautiful RGB touch

Besides exuding elegance, the RGB light indicator usefully indicates the current sampling rate.

blue - 48kHz and below sampling rate
yellow - 48kHz and above sampling rate
green - DSD

Even more ways to interact

Unleash the KA3's potential with more interactivity in a control app including controls for 7 kinds of filters, high and low gain, and channel balance adjustment.


  • DAC chip: E59038Q2M
  • Input port: Type-C USB
  • Output port: 3.5mm single-ended, 4.4mm balanced
  • Output power: 130mW@32R(PO), 240mW@32R(BAL)
  • Noise floor: 3.94V/4.2uV(PO), 4.4uV/4.30V(BAL)
  • Decoding: Supports up to PCM 32bit/ 768kHz DSD512
  • Color: Black (Black main body, gold ends)
  • Weight: About 17.5g
  • Accessories: KA3*1, Type-C to Type-C cable*1, Type-C to USBA cable*1, User manual*1

General specifications

Name/Model KA3 Color Black
hardware DAC: ES9038Q2M FiiO Control support
weight Approximately 17.5g Size About 56.3mm x 20.2mm x 12mm
Audio input interface TypeC USB Headset output interface 3.5mm socket
Balancing output interface 4.4mm socket DSD DSD64/128/256/512
Firmware upgrade System firmware and Bluetooth version can be upgraded via USB Sampling rate indication

Blue ≤48kHz

Yellow >48kHz

Green =DSD

Channel balance

PO: <0.004dB(32Ω/THD+N<1%)

BAL: <0.046dB(32Ω/THD+N<1%)

Recommended headphone impedance



Maximum supported sampling rate 768KHz/32bit    

Power Supply Parameters

Power supply   Battery capacity N/A

Audio parameters

Single-ended line output performance parameters
Output power 120mW (16Ω,THD+N<1%) Output Level 2V(32Ω/THD+N<1%)
130mW (32Ω,THD+N<1%) Crosstalk ≥ 76dB(1Khz,32 Ω load)
14mW (300Ω,THD+N<1%) ≥ 118dB(1Khz, no-load)
7mW (600Ω,THD+N<1%) Output impedance <0.5 Ω (load 32 Ω)
Frequency response 20Hz to 20KHz, the curve amplitude changes by 0.2dB. SNR ≥ 122dB(32 Ω A)
20Hz to 50KHz, and the curve amplitude varies by-1dB. THD+N <0.0008%
Noise floor <1.7uV(dbA)    
Balanced line output performance parameters
Output power 120mW (16Ω,THD+N<1%) Output Level 2.7V(32Ω/THD+N<1%)
240mW (32Ω,THD+N<1%) Crosstalk ≥ 106dB(1Khz,32 Ω load)
56mW (300Ω,THD+N<1%) ≥ 115dB(1Khz, no-load)
28mW (600Ω,THD+N<1%) Output impedance <0.7 Ω (load 32 Ω)
Frequency response 20Hz to 20KHz, the curve amplitude changes by 0.2dB. Noise floor <2.9uV(A calculation)
20Hz to 50KHz, and the curve amplitude varies by-1dB. THD+N <0.0010%
SNR ≥ 119dB(32 Ω A)    







Classic Black/Dark Night Green

Classic Black

Classic Black




CT7601 + ES9038Q2M + RT6863D * 2

FiiO Control

is not supported.




About 10g

About 12.3g

Approximately 17.5g


fuselage: about 40mm x 15mm x 8mm

Line length: 70mm

fuselage: about 40mm x 15mm x 12mm.

Line length: 70mm

About 56.3mm x 20.2mm x 12mm

Headset Input Interface

Type-C Cable or Lightning

Type-C Cable or Lightning

Type-C lines

Headset output interface

3.5mm single end

4.4mm balance

3.5mm Single End (PO)+4.4mm Balance (BAL)

Sample Rate Indicator

blue: 48kHz and below

yellow: above 48kHz

Green: DSD

magenta: MQA

blue: 48kHz and below

yellow: above 48kHz

Green: DSD

blue: 48kHz and below

yellow: above 48kHz

Green: DSD

Decoding specifications

PCM: 384KHz/32bit

DSD: Dop 64/128

Native 64/128/256


PCM: 384KHz/32bit

DSD: Dop 64/128/256

Native 64/128/256

PCM: 768KHz/32bit

DSD: Dop 64/128/256

Native 64/128/256/512

output amplitude



PO: 2V(32Ω/THD+N<1%)


output power





distortion + bottom noise

<0.0005%(32 Ω A)

<0.00036%(32 Ω)

<0.00024%(32 Ω A)

<0.0008%(PO 32Ω)

<0.0010% (BAL 32Ω)

signal-to-noise ratio

≥ 114dB(32 Ω A)

≥ 125dB(32 Ω A)

≥ 131dB(600 Ω A)

≥ 122dB (PO32 Ω A)

≥ 119dB(BAL 32 Ω A)

power consumption

50mA (standby)

60mA( 40mV)

65mA (standby)

70mA( 40mV)

120mA (standby)

130mA(PO 40mV)

130mA(BAL 40mV)

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