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Focal Clear Open-Back Headphones (Store Demo) - Discontinued

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Here are a few details to make your mouth water.


-The same M-shaped inverted dome as the Focal Utopia and Elear

-A full-range speaker driver

-Frameless copper voice coil with such a strong magnetic field that it produces the original recording’s dynamics

-Can be used with portable music players because of its 55 Ohm impedance

-Comes with a thermoformed, hard-shell carrying case

-Comes with three different cables for your various listening needs including:

   • A 4ft (1.2m) cable finished with a 3.5mm stereo jack plug

   • A 10ft (3m) cable finished with a 6.35mm stereo jack plug

   • A 10ft (3m) with a 4-point XLR connector


 I am excited to announce that the Focal Clear Open-Back Headphones are now available here at Audio 46. These new, headphones have been greatly anticipated by fellow audiophiles and I'm happy to tell you what you'll get with this product.

Focal Clear Open-Back Headphones

In the Box

-Focal Clear Open-Back Headphones

-Thermoformed, Hard-Shell Carrying Case

-3 cable options:

   • A 4ft (1.2m) cable finished with a 3.5mm stereo jack plug

   • A 10ft (3m) cable finished with a 6.35mm stereo jack plug

   • A 10ft (3m) with a 4-point XLR connector


Type Circum-aural open-back headphones
Impedance 55 Ohms
Sensitivity 104dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz
THD 0,25% @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL
Frequency response 5Hz-28kHz
Loudspeaker 1.6" (40mm) Aluminum/Magnesium        'M'-shape dome
Weight 0.99lb / 450g
Cables provided
3m balanced cable (XLR 4-pin)
3m unbalanced cable (1/4" TRS jack)
1.2m unbalanced cable (1/8" TRS jack)
1/8" jack to 1/4" stereo jack adapter
Hard-shell carrying case provided 9.8"x9.4"x4.7" (250x240x120mm)


The circum-aural open-back headphones have a special speaker driver which features a frameless copper voice coil. This voice coil has a strong magnetic field and as a result, reacts very quickly to dynamic changes in the music. As a result, your music will sound more like the original record and produce a more precise and "clearer" (pun intended- I'm sorry) emotional feeling. The headphones produce detailed transients with linear high frequencies.


The Focal Clear Open-Back Headphones include the same "M"-shaped inverted dome that the Focal Elear and Focal Utopia headphones have. This helps to make the headphones produce a plain wave, which otherwise would be impossible because, after all, the spears are barely an inch away from your ear. The dome is made of an aluminium/magnesium alloy making it light yet rigid, with a good amount of dampening. As a result, the lucky listeners who will own the Focal Clear Headphones will have the best fidelity headphones on the market that employ such mobility and comfort.

Ear pads on the Focal Clear are specially designed to act like a high-end listening room. They have very small 1mm sized perforations, contributing to the overall openness of the sound. The headband and ear cup position and shapes are designed to fit so comfortably on the head as to make them feel weightless.

The headband itself has a constant bend so that no matter the size of the head, the weight is distributed evenly to take pressure off the ears. It provides top-of-the-line sealing and comfort.

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Focal Clear Open-Back Headphones (Store Demo) - Discontinued


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