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HIFIMAN - R2R2000 HD Streaming Audio Device - Discontinued

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High Definition Audio with Bluetooth

 HIFIMAN - R2R2000


The World’s First High Definition Audio LHDC Bluetooth Streaming Device. This is one amazing product. As R2R denotes this is about as pure musical digital audio conversion ever available. The R2R2000 utilizes dual PCM1704 R2R DAC chips in a dual path circuit design. All in a compact pocketable product for Home or on the go. Its capabilities make the R2R2000 the “swiss Army Knife” of High-End Audio.
Dual PCM1704K R2R DAC chips

Dual path circuitry design

High Quality German Industrial Design

Custom single-process Operating System to ensure audio performance primacy

USB DAC capability up to 24Bit/384kHz

Support for LHDC Bluetooth up-to 24Bit/96kHz

USB OTG support for direct mobile phone High-res playback

Eco Mode battery life up-to 35 hours

High power output in a portable package, only 97.4 × 56 × 18.8mm (13.1mm at its thinnest point)

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HIFIMAN - R2R2000 HD Streaming Audio Device - Discontinued


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