iFi - Micro iTube2 'Class A' Pre-Amp / Buffer (Open box)

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Product Details

  • High – end Direct Tube Buffer
  • High – end Direct Tube Pre-Amp
  • Select-able Tube Sound Signature (SE,PP and Off)
  • 3D Holographic matrix for speakers
  • XBass matrix for speakers
  •  Pure analogue volume
  • 0dB or 9dB select-able gain
  • Super-silent iPower (15V)
  • 12V Car-compatible design

iFi - Micro iTube2 'Class A' Pre-Amp / Buffer

The Ifi micro iTube2 is the reloaded, next generation of the musically-bewitching tube buffer/pre-amplifier by Ifi Audio.

It is an all-new design with trickle-down technology from the flagship Pro Series. With the NOS GE5670 tube at the core, the direct-coupled iTube2 gives a pure, true signal path with no sound-degrading output coupling capacitors to be found. Component quality has been ratcheted up with Elna Slimics, C0G capacitors and MELF resistors.  No stone has been left unturned.

The unique Ifi analog signal processing 'ASP' designs are now in their next iteration. Adjustable Tube offers different levels of organic richness that inject the 'magic' of single-ended triode or push-pull tubes.

The latest 3D Matrix gives a more expansive soundstage.

The XBass is adjustable to lock in the deepest, cleanest bass notes.

All at the flick of a switch, the signal circuitry is executed in the analog domain coupled to a pure., analog volume control.

With a Signal/Noise Ratio that is whisper quiet at 119db (@ 2V)allied to an impressive dynamic range of 131db, from MP3 to DSD512 the music signal remains faithful.

The silent yet higher power iPower delivers the most noise-free power supply system thanks to ANC

noise cancellation circuitry!



  • Maximum Output:                      > 20dBu (>7.75V)
  • Frequency Response:              20Hz- 20kHz /-0.003dB
  • THD & N:                                  <0.009% (Tube off)
  • Signal-Noise Ratio:                   119dB(A) re. 2V
  • Dynamic Range:                       131dB (A) re. 20dBu
  • Input Impedance:                      1M ohm Direct Tube Buffer, 100k ohm Pre-Amp with Volume Control
  • Output Impedance:                   <1ohm
  • Corrected Output Impedance:  <150 ohm
  • Input Voltage:                            AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption:                <4W Iddle, 10W max
  • Dimensions:                              175(l) x 67(w) x 28(h) mm
  • Weight:                                     278g (0.61lbs)
  • Warranty Period:                      1 Year



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