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Jomo Audio - Salsa Universal IEM - Discontinued

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Salsa design with vocal monitoring in mind. Offering the user and experience of near field monitoring in the studio. Packed with one XL bass driver, two vented drivers for lower mid range and upper mid range and one fine tuned tweeter, all conjugated by the CSU crossover network delivering a vocal emphasised sound signature.



Quad Precision Balanced Armature Driver

Quad ways CSU crossover network 

FR: 20 Hz -20 kHz

Sensitivity: 109 dB

Impedance: ~20 ohms at 1KHz

Triple multi-size Ti Metal Sound Bores

Noise Isolation: ~26dB +/- 3dB (Custom Version) 

Effect Audio Ares II UPOCC cable. 


Cross Sync Uniphase

or CSU, is the fundamental method and techniques of IEM sound design. 

Balanced armature driver is highly inductive. Traditional passive electronics filters in the multi-driver crossover system introduces phase shift at crossover point by 90 degree to 180 degree. It results multiple drivers cancelling each other at crossover point and cause a big dip on the frequency response together with a dirty Fast-Fourier Transform analysis. 

CSU utilizes both electronics filtering design and acoustic path design. Conjugating frequency domain and time domain into one synchronized system with phase aligned multi-driver IEM crossover system. Delivering an unparalleled coherent and natural sounding IEM design. 


*  Hearing difference caused by individual ear canal geometry, hearing loss, different types of ear tips, run-in time is not discussed in this case.

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Jomo Audio - Salsa Universal IEM - Discontinued


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