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Shanling M6 Pro (21) Android Bluetooth Portable Lossless Hi-Res Music Player (Open Box)

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Product Details

↓ Details provided by Shanling

M6 Pro (21) Portable Hi-Res Music Player

Dual ESS Sabre E59068AS DAC | Improved amplifier with even more power, up to 760mW@320hm | Octa-core Qualcomm CPU | Open Android OS | System-wide AGLO Technology | 4.4mm + 2.5mm +3.5mm Outputs

Update from M6 Pro

  • Dual ESS Sabre ES9068AS DAC
  • Amplifier circuit now using OPA2211, up to 760 mW@32ohm (Original OPA1662 and 600mw)
  • Improved battery, up to 16 hours (Original 13 hours)
  • 64 GB Rom (Original 32GB)
  • MQA Support


  • Snapdragon 430 CPU
  • Android OS
  • 4G RAM + 64G ROM
  • ESS ES9068AS X 2
  • Two-Way Bluetooth
  • 32/384 & DSD256
  • Balanced 4.4mm+2.5mm
  • QC3.0 Fast Charging
  • 4.7 Inch Screen
  • 4000mAh Battery
  • Up to 16 hours battery
  • Android Global Lossless Output
  • Adjustable Gain
  • Dual DAC
  • MQA

Small tweaks to popular design

M6 Pro adapts the signature look of prior Shanling players. Minimalistic style with curved glass panels and robust aluminium frame, combined with round edges and pronounced cutouts for even better comfort in hand.

CPAF Technology

In order to solve the group delay problem of a traditional low-pass filtering, our engineers designed a new audio circuit, based on an advanced mathematical models, utilizing the CPAF technology - Constant Phase in All Frequencies. This design was inspired by the amplifier from original Shanling M3, our very first portable player.


Four units of Texas Instrument's high-speed buffer are positioned at a driver stage of the amplifier, significantly improving output currents.


Low pass filter of the amplifier was upgraded to the Texas Instrument's OPA2211, for a better matching with the pair of ESS DACs.


Analog device's dual channel precision JFET amplifier, a perfect choice for our designs thanks to its low noise, low distortion and high current output.

FPGA Coding Technology by Shanling

Improved algorithm for an adaptive clock precision sampling provides a better clock signal accuracy and an enhance performance, for both PCM and DSD Playback.

Extra Power & Low Noise

With three gain settings, M6 Pro (21) can work beautifully with a wide range of headphones and earphones. Offering up to 760mW@32ohm for the most demanding headphones, while adopting a low-dropout regulator for a hiss free output, ideal for sensitive earphones.

Full MQA Support

ESS DACs in the M6 Pro (21) are designed with a native support of the MQA playback, supporting up to 16x MQA. To enjoy your Tidal streaming at its maximum potential.

EQ and Digital Filters

To adjust the sound exactly to the listener's preferences, M6 Pro (21) offers a digital filter setting with 3 different filters and also a software EQ available in the Shanling Music App.

3 Available filters:
Linear Phase Fast Roll-off
Minimum Phase Slow Roll-off
Hybrid Fast Roll-Off

Connectors Trifecta

With 3 different output options, M6 Pro (21) can be connected to a much wider range headphones and earphones without any need for an additional adapter.

3.5mm Single-Ended
2.5mm Balanced
4.4mm Balanced

Open Android System

Want to enjoy a convenience of the music streaming services? In need of a sophisticated equalizer or DLNA app? Or simply want to use your favorite music player? All possible thanks to the open Android OS.

Smoothly Running System

Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 CPU, combined with 4GB ram and 64GB ROM, assuring swift and lag-free system performance.

Up to 2TB MicroSD card

AGLO Technology

We built M6 Pro (21) with our AGLO technology, Android Global Lossless Output. Thanks to the AGLO, all music from all apps will be processed correctly and at its full quality, without any degradation caused by the Android's build-in sample rate conversion.

Shanling Music App

Default music player pre-installed on all our Android players. With a simple and a fast UI, offering all the features and settings Shanling users are familiar with.

Improved Battery Life Single-Dac mode for extra long days

With an improved battery life, M6 Pro (21) can last up to 16 hours of a continuous playback, especially when you switch to a more efficient Single DAC mode. And recharging will be quicker thanks to the support of Quick Charge 3.0.

16 H (Single-Ended/Single DAC)
13 H (Balanced)
36 H (Bluetooth Transmission)

*Actual battery life can vary due to many factors.

Smooth Streaming 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi

Enjoy faster speeds, reduced interferences and smoother streaming with the support of a 5G Wi-Fi.

Connect M6 Pro (21) to a Wi-Fi for a easy firmware updates over the air.

High quality two-way Bluetooth connection

Easily connect to any Bluetooth headphones or speakers and enjoy a premium sound quality thanks to the support of advanced Bluetooth codecs. Or turn M6 Pro (21) into a Hi-Fi quality Bluetooth amplifier when paired with any smartphone or tablet.

SBC : Blue
LDAC : Green
aptX HD : Yellow
aptX : Purple

Two-Way USB Connection

Use M6 Pro (21) as an excellent USB DAC/AMP with any computer or smartphone, with support up to 32 bit/384 kHz. Or connect a standalone USB DAC, turning M6 Pro (21) into digital transport.

HD Sharp IPS Screen

Tempered Glass
16M Colors
On-Cell Touch
Oleophobic Coating
4.7 Inch


  • Size 71*17.5*133.5 mm
  • Display 4.7inch 720*1280 IPS Screen
  • Weigh 244 g
  • System Android 7.1
  • Audio formats DSF / DFF / ISO / DXD / APE / FLAC / WAV / AIFF / AIF / DTS/ MP3 / WMA / ACC / OGG / ALAC / MP2 / M4A / AC3 / M3U / M3U8
  • Hi-Res support 32 bit / 768 kHz DSD256
  • Gain setting Low, Medium, High
  • Memory 4GB RAM + 64 GB ROM + MicroSD card
  • D/A Converter ESS ES9068AS x 2
  • Digital filters 3 preset filters
  • WiFi 2.4G/5G, OTA Firmware update
  • Battery Life 16H (SE, Single DAC), 13H (Balanced), 36 H (Bluetooth)
  • Battery capacity 4000 mAh


BT Version 4.2

BT Codec support:
Transmit: LDAC, LHDC, aptX HD, aptX, SBC
Receive: LDAC SBC

Single-Ended Output

  • Output power
    • Low gain: 0.79V @32 Ohm (20mW)
    • Medium gain: 1.38V @32 Ohm (60mW)
    • High Gain: 2.76V @32 Ohm (240mW)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio 124 dB
  • Channel separation 75 dB @32 Ohm
  • Dynamic range 125 dB
  • THD+N 0.0005%
  • Output impedance <0.3 Ohm

Balanced output

  • Output power
    • Low gain: 1.38V @32 Ohm (60mW)
    • Medium gain: 2.76V @32 Ohm (240mW)
    • High Gain: 4.93V @32 Ohm (760mW)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio 126 dB
  • Channel separation 110 dB @32 Ohm
  • Dynamic range 124 dB
  • THD+N 0.0005%
  • Output impedance < 0.6 Ohm

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