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Sony MDR-Z7 Over-Ear Closed-Back Audiophile Headphones - Discontinued

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Sony MDR-Z7 Over-Ear Closed-Back Audiophile Headphones

The Way The Artists Truly Intended

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher than CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you.

Authentic, engaging sound

The best in sound and comfort for audiophiles

Our flagship headphones reproduce subtle high frequency sounds up to 100 kHz — a first for headphone technology. With 2.76 in HD drivers featuring Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragms, and a full metal design, you get the clarity you need to enjoy High-Resolution Audio — for music that takes you closer to a live performance.

Absolute sound purity

Compromise nothing in pursuit of perfection

Discover true sound with all the emotion and energy of the original recording. A huge 2.76 in HD driver powers through your music, keeping every note precise, even at higher volume levels.

Authentic sound with aluminum-coated LCP

Combining a Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm with aluminum coating gives a more precise sound across the entire frequency range than a conventional LCP driver.

Spherical wave sound

Smaller 1.57 in drivers emit sound as spherical waves, which can lead to reflection delays within the earcups.

Plane wave sound

The much larger 2.76 in driver creates a flatter plane wave effect that prevents reflection delays and sound loss.

Get the real music experience

Enjoy total audio immersion when you experience the purity of High-Resolution Audio from source to speaker. You can try out High-Resolution Audio samplers free at HDtracks, now.

Keep sound in

The enfolding design wraps around the ear, sealing music in and keeping distractions out. Acoustics are reflected back towards your ears for the subtlest of sounds.

With a balanced cable comprising four silver-coated copper wires, and independent ground wires for both channels (in blue and yellow), you’ll hear clear, precise sound.

10 foot dual layer cable

As well as a balanced cable, these headphones include a 10 foot dual layer cable, featuring a copper wire for clear highs, sheathed in silver for rich bass.

All metal design

The metal housing resonates less than housings made from traditional materials. Durability is exceptional, thanks to a metal hanger, headband and components.

Metal housing

With less resonance, you’ll enjoy clearer mids to highs and smoother low frequency sounds.

Metal hanger

Ready for everyday knocks and shocks with a metal hanger sleeve, shaft and components.

Metal headband

Stronger, lighter, and more flexible than conventional materials for a stable, comfortable fit.

Frequency Response 4 Hz- 100,000 Hz
Impedance 70? (@1 kHz)
Sensitivities 102 dB/mW
Driver 2.76 in (70mm) Dynamic Dome Driver
Chords Detachable (Y) Shaped 6.56 ft  Balanced
Detachable (Y) Shaped 9.84 ft Connecting
Style Dynamic / Closed-Back / Over-Ear

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Sony MDR-Z7 Over-Ear Closed-Back Audiophile Headphones - Discontinued


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