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Sennheiser HD 700 Audiophile Studio Headphones

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If the Sennheiser HD 700 headphones were a music group, it would be equally gifted in every style. Whether classic, jazz or rock, it would have sound mastery of each genre. Regardless of what song it’s currently playing, its timbre is always warm and emotional. With its exceptional and unique range, reproduction of the lowest and highest tones that the human ear cannot consciously perceive is now achievable. This is a true maestro and an unforgettable listening experience suited for every musical taste.

Sennheiser HD 700 Features:

  • Open, circumaural dynamic stereo headphones for maximum wearing comfort
  • Outstanding soundstage with Sennheiser HD 700 and a warm and balanced audio reproduction
  • Specially-tuned, highly effi cient drivers capable of delivering high sound pressure levels and a flat frequency response
  • Highly optimized ventilated magnet system minimizes air turbulence and harmonic, intermodulation distortion
  • Open-back ear cups facilitate transparent sound while showcasing cutting-edge industrial design


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