Warm and Relaxed – Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic Headphones Review

Headphone Store Final Audio H8000 Planar Magnetic Headphones box

Final Audio is one of my favorite companies when it comes to unique, high quality, audiophile headphones. Their products range from earbuds with dynamic drivers to now, a high-end pair of planar magnetic headphones. The D8000 have been creating a lot of buzz around Audio 46, and I’m very excited to take a listen and […]

Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 Earphones Review

Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 Earphones 1

Mee Audio recently released their newest earphone, the Mee Audio Pinnacle P2. We got a chance to take a listen to see how these earphones perform amongst the sea of other in-ear headphones in its price range. So is it worth the $99? Today we’ll find out with this Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 review. Mee […]

Sennheiser HD 1 Free Review

Sennheiser HD 1 Free Review

The new Sennheiser HD 1 Free is the most portable earphone by Sennheiser to date. It connects wirelessly via a handful of high resolution Bluetooth codecs, but is it worth the price at $199.00? I’m excited to take a listen and see how they perform. Sennheiser HD 1 Free Review Specifications Frequency Response: 15 Hz-22kHz […]

Sennheiser HD 660s Review

Sennheiser HD 660s 3

The new Sennheiser HD 660s is sure to be the topic of discussion for many audiophiles out there. At just $499.95, does it stand up to the rest of the Sennheiser HD 600 series headphones? And how does it set itself apart? Today, we’ll find out with this full Sennheiser HD 660s review. Sennheiser HD […]

The First of Its Kind – Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset Review


It isn’t often I come across a product that is truly the first of its kind. But Sennheiser’s new Ambeo Smart Headset is just that–and I expect other companies will follow suit. The Ambeo Smart Headset is not only a pair of great sounding earphones, it is also a pair of 3D binaural microphones. For […]

Bose QuietComfort 35 vs Sennheiser HD1 Comparison Review

Bose QuietComfort 35 vs Sennheiser HD1 2

One of the most popular requests here at Audio 46 is for a pair of Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC). More and more companies are coming out with great products, and today I’d like to take a close look at the Bose QuietComfort 35 and Sennheiser HD1 headphones. These two headphones are some […]

2017 Best Workout Headphones: Top 5 Under $150


The holidays are right around the corner and these are the 2017 best stocking stuffers, I mean 2017 best workout headphones under $150. 2017 Best Workout Headphones: Top 5 Under $150 2017 Best Workout Headphones – Westone ADV Adventure Alpha Over a year later and these headphones still rank on our “Best Workout Headphones” list. […]

Sennheiser IE 80 S Review – Customize Your Sound

Sennheiser IE 80 S audiophile earphone

The Sennheiser IE series headphones are some of the most sought after headphones on the planet. The IE 80 in-ear headphone has developed a reputation for excellent sound as well as adjustable bass. The new Sennheiser IE 80 S is the all-new version of this wildly popular earphone. The big questions however are how does […]

Sony WI-1000x Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones Review

Sony WI-1000x Earphones Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling

Sony’s WI-1000x Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones offer what many do not: a solid pair of earbuds that are noise cancelling, have customizable sound options, and are comfortable. Do they fit in with the sound signature of other Sony headphones and earphones? I’m about to find out with this full Sony WI-1000x Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones […]

Westone Wx Wireless Earphone Review – Listen Like A Pro

Westone Wx Wireless IEM with aptX

Westone is well known for their incredible sounding in-ear monitors for musicians. Nowadays, audiophiles and everyday listeners are finding Westone earphones excellent for everyday music enjoyment. And now Westone has crossed into a new realm of wireless listening. The Westone Wx Wireless Earphone is a single balanced armature MMCX style in-ear headphone that’s supposed to […]

Sennheiser HD1 Earphones vs. Shure SE215 Earphones Comparison Review

Shure SE215 vs sennheiser hd1

Last week, a customer came into Audio 46 and asked, “What is the difference between the Sennheiser HD1 Earphones and the Shure SE215 Earphones?” It is a great question, especially since both earphones are the same price at $99.99. In order to give them, and all our readers, a comprehensive answer, today I’m going to conduct […]

We Want To Feature YOU On Our YouTube Channel!

Audio46 YouTube Star Search

Audio46 is looking for our next YouTube star and we think it’s you. Do you light-up on camera? Do you love headphones? Could you battle for or against headphone burn-in in a heartbeat? Then we want you. Even if you aren’t all of those things (maybe just a fan of Audio 46) we want you […]

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