64 Audio tia Fourte In-Ear Headphones Review

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64 Audio tia Fourte In-Ear Headphones Review

Sometimes you get what you pay for. Listen to the 64 Audio tia Fourte, and you’ll probably agree. Sure, it costs three arms and two legs, but can you really put a price on perfection? Let’s find out why these buds are worth every penny in this 64 Audio tia Fourte In-Ear Headphones Review.

IN the BOX – 64 Audio tia Fourte In-Ear Headphones Review

64 Audio Personalized Protective Case

48″ Detachable Cable


Round Sticker

Shirt Clip

Cleaning Tool

FIT – 64 Audio tia Fourte In-Ear Headphones Review

These buds are light, ergonomic and, therefore, easy to wear. Over-ear memory wire and a selection of foam and silicone tips to choose from. The shell is impressively small, which is rare for an IEM of this caliber. They pop in quickly, yadi-yada. The sooner we finish with this, the sooner we can get to the sound.

DESIGN – 64 Audio tia Fourte In-Ear Headphones Review

These earphone casings are made from a solid piece aluminum. 64 Audio uses its trademark “apex” technology which vents air pressure from inside the ear canal for tireless listening. It’s a hybrid four driver setup. Three armature drivers and one dynamic. The tia Fourte was designed to produce a very balanced sound. There are two midrange drivers; mid and high-mid. One dynamic low driver, and one high.

SOUND – 64 Audio tia Fourte In-Ear Headphones Review

All I can say is wow. Jesus Christ. Buddha. Goddess of Compassion. In a nutshell, the tia Fourte is delicate, fast, with incredible separation and unbelievable highs. But there’s so much more. Let’s explore.


The bass is not mind-numbingly low. But it has significant depth that’s at the same time perfectly separated from higher frequencies. It’s by far, the cleanest, most refined bass I’ve ever experienced. It’s not super dry, but resonates only slightly.  Very snappy too. Deep enough for bass heads, conservative enough for purists. How is that possible? Pop, hip-hop and EDM sound incredible, regardless of your taste for bass.


As a big fan of rock and pop-rock, I’m usually very tough on the mids. Often, you have to choose between clarity and richness. However, the tia Fourte is an exception. The even mid-range provides a satiating fullness while maintaining a delicate feel. I’ve never been this satisfied by a big rock chorus and a soft folk song while listening to the same headphone. Extremely detailed, you can even hear the aftertaste of a guitar pick. And vocals are neither too forward or removed.


I’m hearing detail in percussion I’ve never heard before in an IEM. It’s like when you listen to a high resolution file for the first time and can hear frequencies that were cut off in a compressed file. Very crisp. And Whitney Houston sounds so clear, it seem like she’s too close to the microphone or singing without a pop filter. The highs have almost a thin sound. A beautiful fragility. Not overly airy or contrived, and absolutely no piercing highs. Clarity and smoothness is the hardest balance to achieve. But the tia Fourte pulls it off with grace. I’ve never found Miles Davis this easy to listen to. And I’ve never heard this much texture and and subtlety in brass instruments. What about strings? Ahh, the strings; natural and intricate, they just quiver with vulnerability.


A truly multidimensional experience. You’ll be hard-pressed to find this much accuracy with respect to imaging in an IEM. I was floating in galaxy surrounded by stars, and I swear I was sober. Width, depth, height, you name it. It doesn’t have the vastness of an open-back headphone, but boy…For an in-ear headphone, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty good.

SUMMARY – 64 Audio tia Fourte In-Ear Headphones Review

What a gift it is to get the opportunity to listen to the most transcendental sound beyond anything I could imagine. There’s not one genre that this headphone isn’t perfect for. 

SPECIFICATIONS – 64 Audio tia Fourte In-Ear Headphones Review

Sensitivity: 114 dB/mW

Freq. response: 5Hz – 22kHz

Isolation: -20dB

Transducer configuration: 1 tia™ high, 1 high-mid, 1 tia™ mid, 1 dynamic low

Impedance: 10 ohms @ 1kHz

Transducer type: 3 precision balanced armature drivers, 1 dynamic driver

You can order 64 Audio Tia Fourté in our online store. Or visit our New York City store to get it.

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