AKG K67 DJ Review

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AKG K67 DJ Review

Like its larger counterpart, the K167, the smaller on-ear K67 DJ from AKG is a taste of bass in an affordable package.  At $49, though, this model is more budget-friendly than other on-ears out there, and it sounds better than the competition.  But is it the cup of tea you’ve been thirsting after?

AKG K67 DJ Review

Like every other AKG headphone price at or around $49, the K67 is a basic model with a basic build and basic accessories.  It’s not meant to turn a lot of heads or sell you on anything other than it’s performance.  Inside the box, there’s a 1/4” stereo adapter plug.  This, besides the headphones, is it.

The headphones feature a decent plastic build with aluminum extenders on the cups.  The leatherette headband and earpads, although small, are still comfortable.  There’s a 5.9′ (1.8m) coiled cable that connects to the left earcup.

Sound wise, the K67 has a lot in common with K167, it’s larger, over-ear counterpart.  Both have a deep, and fairly articulate bass (for the price), while the smaller K67 might feel just a little bit more compressed.  That being said, it’s still not a terrible sound (for the price), and anyone looking for a cheap and bassy headphone would do well to consider the K67.

With a frequency range of 16-24000 hertz, it doesn’t have quite the same amount of low-end or high-end detail as the K167, but it still offers low power requirements with its 32 ohm impedance.

Whereas other models in the price range tend to distort bass just a tad, the K67 seems to keep things in check just a little easier.  Compared to both the Beyerdynamic DTX 350p or the Jays V-Jays, the AKG K67 will offer a more comfortable listening experience with more detail, at the cost of portability.  Being able to bend and fold to about half of it’s full size, this headphone is still compact, just a little less compact than its competition.


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