AKG K92 Review

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AKG K92 Review

Rounding out what has been a veritable deluge of AKG headphones here at Audio46, the AKG K92 is a swanky pair of cans with gold-colored accents.  But when it comes to the $79 price, what value does this headphone offer?

AKG K92 Review

The AKG K92 looks dope.  It utilizes that classic AKG design – a hoop-and-suspension-type headband that allows the ‘phones to rest around your ears.  There’s a fixed cable measuring 9.8’ in length.  There’s also an included 1/4” stereo adapter.

The headphones also feature a 16-22000 hertz frequency range, and a nominal impedance of 32 ohms.

Sound wise the AKG K92 is decent, sounding a lot like I expected it to sound.  It’s definitely a natural progression upwards and onwards from the AKG K72, but because of the law of diminishing return, these headphones don’t impress me quite as much.  The great thing about the cheaper, less-snazzier K72 was that it combined low price and high performance, where as this model has slightly better performance and a slightly higher price.

It seems fair enough, because the difference really does sound like $30 of difference (less distortion, more detail overall, better looks), but if you listen to these two headphones and opt for the cheaper model, don’t feel bad about it.

Who is it for?  The headphones sound great with all types of music.  It’s a studio monitor, for Pete’s sake.  For those seeking bass, opt for an AKG DJ model and you’ll be happier.  For those studio budgets shopping around $100 and under, the Audio Technica M40x will offer a similar level of clarity (though perhaps with just a tad bit more distortion) – and a removable cable.

In fact, if portability is also a consideration, you could opt for the Audio Technica M30x over the AKG K92 and get a folding design, but again with more distortion.  And you’d lose that sexy gold-on-black color scheme.

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