Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Review

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Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Review

I’ve been hearing great things about the Audio Technica ATH-AD700x for ages.  Even when we carried them at the Audio46 Headphones store (the brick-and-mortar establishment that serves as home base and audiophile bat-cave), I never actually got a chance to review this badass headphone.  Everytime I was about to get around to it, customers would appear en masse and buy up all of our stock.  Fast forward to Present Day, and I’ve got the AD700x sitting pretty on my desk, begging for my touch, aching for it…

Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Review

For an open-back headphone, it’s hard not to love the ATH-AD700x.  Probably because, compared its peers, it can give off an “upstart” vibe.  It seems better than anything open-back you might get for $200 from anyone else, including AKG, Grado, and Sennheiser. However, that isn’t to say that there aren’t some drawbacks.

The AD700x isn’t the type of headphone you take home to show your parents, or even brag about to your friends.  It’s a solid headphone, without a doubt.  but when it comes to looks, this headphone is a dog.  And it’s not all about those looks, but the materials that go into the headphone.

For something that sounds about 103% plastic, this headphone sounds freaking amazing.  But it does feel a little cheap, and it does feel like it might simply disintegrate into its most basic components should a strong wind blow.

That being said, the sound quality is great.  With a frequency range of 5-30000 hertz, it offers definite potential.  And with those big 53mm drivers, you get some oomph to your bass – a feature that will not be missed by those who were fans of the ATH-M50x.  But do you need an amp to get the most from the ATH-AD700x?  No, not at all.  With a low impedance of just 38 ohms, it’s as efficient and convenient as a pair of Grado or AKG headphones.

The low end is decent.  There’s plenty of detail there, but those drivers may not be for everyone.  They pack quite the punch when it comes to bass.  Mids and highs are present, though the soundstage might seem to skimp a little on the mids.  They just don’t seem as present as on other models that have a reputation for being more “even”.

The cord is long and has a 1/4” plug.  All in all, despite that plasticky, ungodly feel, would I still recommend the daylights out of this headphone?  You bet your sweet Aunt Sally I would.  Because the sound, for a $200 pair of open-back badass cans just can not be beat.

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