Audio Technica M50X MG Review

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Audio Technica M50X MG Review

Although it’s not boasting any really “new” specs, the M50x 2016 Limited Edition has arrived in our store. So this review won’t be as much about the sound and build of the M50x MG as it will be about the color scheme and why we’re stoked about this particular incarnation of the M50x.

When we first got a glimpse of the matte gray color scheme at NAMM ’16, the reaction of our staff was less than enthusiastic.  While some bemoaned the fact that it might look cheap or seem less eye-grabbing than the 2014 and 2015 limited edition models, others opined that it would have looked better if it had recreated the look of the M50s/LE – a silver-on-black combo with sky blue accents released in honor of Audio Technica‘s 50th Anniversary.

At any rate, once the headphone actually arrived here in our store and we got our hands on it, opinion quickly shifted from negative to lukewarm to downright positive.  Because the matte gray is complimented by jet black accents in the earpads, as well as the metallic accents on the cups.  Even the extenders and the exposed screws on the headband are a luscious black.

What’s more, when stacked up alongside the staple black and white models, the MG kindles hope that Audio Technica might one day incorporate other color schemes into the M50x lineup as permanent additions.  So well does this matte black model fit among the other two, that it almost seems like it belongs there.  It’s not a Limited Edition, but the Edition that was always missing.

There’s also hope that with this matte gray model, there will be more emphasis to go wackier with the color scheme next year, in 2017.  Maybe a purple color scheme with gold accents, or a mint green and white model.

If you’re at all curious about the matte gray coloration, feel free to visit our Manhattan showroom and see it for yourself or pick up a pair here.  Or, if you’ve already formed an opinion, weigh in on the discussion and add your two cents…

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