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Top 5  Headphones Under $50

Times are tough! That’s why many people are looking to maximize their bang for the buck when it comes to personal audio. At Orb Headphones, we get it! You’re cheap! It’s ok! So are we! I still haven’t paid parking tickets I have from last year! Point is, if you’ve only got $50 to spend, you’re actual within budget for some prime headphones. Just because you cant swing a pair of Beats, or Bose, doesn’t mean you cant get a awesome pair of cans. Here are our top 5 headphones under $50!

5) SOL Republic Jax In-Ear Headphones

Selected for their value and durability the JAX from Sol Republic come in #5 in our List of the Top 5 Headphones Under $50. For only $39.99 the SOL Republic JAX offer deep bass, a mic & remote, and a sleek stylish look.

4) Panasonic RP-HTx7 Retro Style Over-Ear Headphones

Offering a large 40mm driver and a beautiful piano finish, the Panasonic RP-HTX7 Headphones earned their spot in our Top 5 Headphones Under $50 not only for their style but for their value at only $34.99. Voted one of the best headphones of 2013 by the RP-HTX7 are a worth addition to any headphone collection.


3) Nu-Force NE-600x Sound Isolating Earphones

Nu-Force, makers of fine audio equipment ranging in price all the way up to the many thousands of dollars brings us a ultra-budget option for audiophile-style sound quality. With a clean bright and balanced sound these $25 headphones are great for people listening to genres occupying the higher frequency ranges.


2) Koss Porta Pro Classic

Rearguard by nerds, musicians and audiophiles for years as one of the best compact portable headphones, the Koss Porta Pro headphones earn the #2 spot in our Top 5 Headphones Under $50. With a cool really retro look these headphone will allow you to step back in time to a place where headphones were balanced and style wasn’t everything. At only $50 these headphones are a must have for anyone serious about music.


1) Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Studio Headphones

Hands down the best and most professional pair of headphones we sell under $50 the ATH-M20x are an seriously impressive piece of audio equipment, then add to that the price and it’s a lock for the #1 spot in this list. Offering rich, lush, full sound the ATM-M20x blow all of our other sub $50 headphones away!

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