B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review

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B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review

There’s no other sound like B&O. And there’s no other smell like B.O. So, let’s not confuse the two. B&O is famous for its rich and polished character, and I’ve never tried a B&O headphone that didn’t live up to its brand. This is why I’m excited to try out their newest in-ear wireless model, the B&O Earset. Will these buds be sure to please the B&O fans out there? Let’s find out in this B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review.

IN the BOX – B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review

Carrying pouch

USb cable

Foam pads

Quick start guide

B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review

FIT – B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review

The diameter of the eartips is very large. I have relatively small ear canals, so they didn’t fit perfectly. Also, when you first use them, it takes some time to adjust the ear hooks. But once I figured them out, I found them pretty comfortable to wear. I will say, the fit is a little weird.

B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review

DESIGN – B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review

B&O always makes a high quality product, and it definitely shows in the design. Made with anodized aluminum, these buds should last you a while. The Earset wasn’t designed to isolate sound. A bummer if you ride the subway, but a great thing if you tend to walk into traffic! The battery life is about 5 hours, which is on the lower side of standard for wireless earphones. Still, it only takes 20 minutes of charging time to yield 1 hour of playback. The Earset has the usual mic and remote which allows you to play, pause, skip tracks and answer calls. Call clarity is decent enough for a wireless in-ear headphone.

SOUND – B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review

Smooth and rich with big lows. Let’s look at the details.


The lows are deep, but a tinsy winsy bit muddy. So, you’re not necessarily going to get an extremely crystal clear sound. However, what it lacks in transparency, it makes up for with it’s luxurious warmth. I also found the bass really fun when listening to pop, hip-hop and EDM.


The lower mids are emphasized, leaving the upper mids a tad lacking. On the flip side, there’s no harshness coming from the upper midrange. And in classic B&O style, the sound has a sweet fluidity. It’s also got that satiating fullness, which is so characteristic of the brand.


The highs have a pleasing roundness, so you’re not going to get any piercing sound. Indeed, B&O makes a smooth headphone. But again, it’s not the most transparent sound. Still, I enjoyed this frequency range the most. Brass and string instruments sounded silky and soft. Jazz and classical music are the best genres to listen to on these buds.

SUMMARY – B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review

For those who are fans of B&O, you’ll love these buds because they stay true to B&O’s rich and velvety sound signature. However, if you’re not particularly attached to this brand, the B&O Earset might not be the best bang for your buck. Still, don’t give up on B&O. No other brand sounds quite like them. If you feel like going truly wireless, I highly recommend the Beoplay E8. Fantastic sound without the wires, and it goes for the same price as the Earset.

SPECIFICATIONS – B&O Earset Wireless Earphones Review

Frequency Range: 20 – 20,000 Hz

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Sensitivity: 105 dB

Charging Time: 2 Hours; 20 Minutes charge for 1 hour playtime

Battery: 5 Hours

Weight: 30 grams


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