Beats By Dre Wireless – An Honest Beats Wireless Review

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Beats By Dre Wireless – An Honest Beats Wireless Review


The Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones are a full sized close back on ear headphone that feature the classic Beats By Dre low-end heavy sound with their standard soaring highs, that are not that well articulated. With a battery life of 10+ hours and a functional maximum distance of 15-33ft these headphones the functionality of these headphones is on par with any headphone in their price range.


Beats by Dre headphones are known for their heavy and intense bass response, and these headphones are no different. With 40mm drivers packed into a reasonably small body, these headphones pack a punch with out being too bulky. While the low end is nice and up front, the highs on these headphones vs the Beats By Dre Pros was not as well pronounced, as well as the soundstaging was not as clean as some of the other Beats models.

While the sound of these headphones is not great, it’s also not terriable. When it comes to wireless headphones many people set out to get them for their functionality vs relying on the for the most amazing listenign experience of their life. With these headphones you should set your expectations for a pair of cans that does an alright job with just about every genre, but is not as well developed in its soundstaging as a pair of more balanced headphones. If it’s wireless headphones you’re after, and you LOVE beats by dre, then these are 100% the headphones for you. If you are just out for a good pair of headphones that sounds good, and is wireless, I’d recommend something like the SOL Republic Tracks Air, at only $199.99 they are practically a steal.


While the Beats Wireless fell slightly short in the sound evalauation category they did exceptionally well when it comes to their functionality. The Sound isolation of these headphones is amazing. Whether you want to block out external noises, or you want to keep your sound in, the Beats Wireless do a great job at both. Their battery life and distance ratings are both solid, and the fact that they fold is a major plus when it comes to portablity, though a potential drawback when it comes to durablility.

In The Box

Like many headphones of their genre the Beats By Dre Wireless come with a slew of extras and goodies in the box including a nice traveling case for the headphones, your aux wire to listen to music once your battery dies, the USB cable for charging, Airplane adapter, a cleaning cloth to keep them nice and squeeky clean, and some product catelogs and user guides. All in all the experience of opeing a pair of Beats By Dre is always a pleausre as they are expertly packaged and bumndled with everything you’d ever need to use your headphones for years to come.

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