Beats Pill – Pill By Dre Detailed Review

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Beats Pill – Pill By Dre Detailed Review

After the huge success of the headphones Beats, Dr. Dre now shows its new portable speaker. The Beats Pill by Dre is a compact device that can play music and also be used as a portable equipment to take phone calls, acting like a wireless system. So, it’s not only a powerful tool to play music, it’s also a useful device that provides some freedom to talk on the phone when your hands are occupied and you’re running around your living room or your kitchen.

Although it is small in size – it’s actually Beats’ smaller speaker –, the Beats Pill by Dre is big in sound, from the highest to the lowest musical notes. With only 1 lbs of weight, the equipment looks exactly like a sleek big pill with 7.7 inch long and 1.8 inches across. The cylinder is 10.9 ounce with curved ends and the middle band supports all the controls. These measurements make it totally very light and portable, so you can carry it anywhere. It even comes with a hard shell transport case and a carabineer that allows you to attach it anywhere you want.

Besides the normal buttons, the middle band also has an NFC decal that allows you to pair the Beats Pill with a smartphone that has the same feature just by tapping it into the sound device. This way, the user can make the most of the wireless element and answer the phone without using his hands.


This leads us to the fact that the device is completely wireless and cord-free, providing a lot of options to control it. The user can change tracks or increase the volume, for instance, from his phone or laptop. This way, it’s possible to control the Pill by using any equipment with Bluetooth from a maximum distance of 30 feet, a feature that enhances the user’s freedom.

The Beats Pill by Dre, available in white and red versions, also comes with a micro USB port to charge the speaker, a Bluetooth indicator light on the back and a 3.5mm input and output. Other accessories include an AC adapter and a special charging cable. And, in case you don’t have a Bluetooth device – whether we are talking about a laptop or a computer –, the Pill comes with a 3.5 mm 5-foot audio cable that allows the user to directly connect the speaker to other devices.

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